Idiocracy Here We Come

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Pretty much everyone knows  that I’ve become very skeptical of the current American model of “college” and the idea that EVERYONE must go.   It’s overpriced, over-rated, and (too often) next to useless.   And, many of today’s kids are in an unfortunate Catch-22: if they don’t go to college, they can’t get their foot in the door for a career. If they DO go, they are saddled with  crushing debt.

At least college used to teach a student some general knowledge that created an informed citizen.   Not so much anymore.


There is a crisis in American civic education. Survey after survey shows that recent college graduates are alarmingly ignorant of America’s history and heritage. They cannot identify the term lengths of members of Congress, the substance of the First Amendment, or the origin of the separation of powers. They do not know the Father of the Constitution, and nearly 10% say that Judith Sheindlin—‘Judge Judy’—is on the Supreme Court. Studies show that our colleges and universities are doing little or nothing to address the knowledge gap. A recent survey by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA) of over 1,100 liberal arts colleges and universities found that only a handful—18%—require students to take even one survey course in American history or government before they graduate.”


Wonder no longer why our political landscape is in the state it is.   You have an electorate that doesn’t understand the system. No wonder it’s so easy for shysters to rig the political game and enrich themselves.


It gets worse. :

In a typical semester, for instance, 32 percent of the students did not take a single course with more than 40 pages of reading per week, and 50 percent did not take any course requiring more than 20 pages of writing over the semester. The average student spent only about 12 to 13 hours per week studying — about half the time a full-time college student in 1960 spent studying, according to the labor economists Philip S. Babcock and Mindy S. Marks.

Not surprisingly, a large number of the students showed no significant progress on tests of critical thinking, complex reasoning and writing that were administered when they began college and then again at the ends of their sophomore and senior years. If the test that we used, the Collegiate Learning Assessment, were scaled on a traditional 0-to-100 point range, 45 percent of the students would not have demonstrated gains of even one point over the first two years of college, and 36 percent would not have shown such gains over four years of college.

Some explanations –

The situation reflects a larger cultural change in the relationship between students and colleges. The authority of educators has diminished, and students are increasingly thought of, by themselves and their colleges, as “clients” or “consumers.” When 18-year-olds are emboldened to see themselves in this manner, many look for ways to attain an educational credential effortlessly and comfortably. And they are catered to accordingly. The customer is always right.

Federal legislation has facilitated this shift. The funds from Pell Grants and subsidized loans, by being assigned to students to spend on academic institutions they have chosen rather than being packaged as institutional grants for colleges to dispense, have empowered students — for good but also for ill. And expanded privacy protections have created obstacles for colleges in providing information on student performance to parents, undercutting a traditional check on student lassitude.

And – of course – too many kids are going to college. Kids who SHOULDN’T need a college check-mark on their resume to get that job, because MANY jobs simply don’t require a college degree.

Adding to this clusterfuck, we have this:

Vice has a series of infuriating interviews with folks who have taken out loans to receive college educations and have moved to Europe, in part, to avoid paying them back. I pledge my support in the general election to whichever candidate promises to do everything in their power to turn Gitmo into a debtors’ prison to punish these awful people.

Blood pressuring rising …

I wasn’t even meant to go to college. It was never my intention. And then all this shit happened where I took a year off, and I realized, Fuck, I don’t think I can work overnights at a Target stocking shelves for the rest of my life. So I ended up finding this film school in California.

I couldn’t afford this private school, so I told my parents I really wanted to do this and they co-signed the loans for me. I wanna say it was like $30,000 each year. It’s a ridiculous amount of money.

I was, for sure, intending to pay the loans back. Our mentors and teachers told us that we would pay this education off for a long time, but everyone in America is doing it so it’s almost like eating breakfast. That’s how Americans are raised.

That’s not how I’m raising my kids.   It’s funny, because when I first began on my “anti-” college deal, people would look at me as if I had three heads. Now, some have started to nod along in agreement … but the tale continues:

Debt is not the main reason I moved to Europe. I moved for my career, but in the back of my mind it was a way to start a clean slate. At the same time, I could never really escape because my parents were co-signers. My parents own a home and were planning on leaving it to us as inheritance. They were nervous about having their house taken away from them because of me not paying student loans, and subsequently signed the house over to my sister so they wouldn’t own anything the bank could come after.

To be honest, I just don’t see myself living in America again—for reasons outside of student debt. My parents are moving back to El Salvador, where they’re from, and then I’ll have no ties to America. I don’t really like America or the direction it’s heading. For now, I don’t need to care about going back there.

I wonder how proud of their little shit they are now?

Yet still college is sold to the kids. It’s become not a means to an end, but a rite of passage.   It’s four (or five) more years of high school. THE PARTY NEVER ENDS.   Delayed adulthood.  The college “experience”.


My two boys are working (very hard) in our family business.  They see their friends having a good time in college, and I’m sure it’s difficult.   I didn’t force my views upon them, but they did have an effect.   What they DON’T see is that their friends’ 4-year delayed adulthood is about to end.   Whether the four years of education will be “worth it” is up for debate. For some I sure it was. For others? For most?   That is the question.

My boys won’t have the debt. And they also have years and years of learning how to WORK hard under their belt.




Hillary Jong Ill

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We’ve got a few new books out on our newest dear-leader hopeful.




Picture books. FOR KIDS. I assume.


Both of these gems just came out (January 5th) in time to indoctrinate the youts  for the election. Propaganda isn’t just for the Norks anymore. From the WSJ:



From [the] fabulously pompous opening, the book leads, ultimately, to a silhouette of Mrs. Clinton against a golden sunrise—and the promise that she “may soon change the world.”

These vainglorious picture-book renditions of the life story of an American machine politician give an illuminating glimpse into the mind-set of those who offer themselves as cogs in that machine. Like the Kim family’s posters in North Korea, they are so richly and inadvertently comic that only true believers or the very young and trusting could find them persuasive. Unfortunately, it is the very young for whom these works are intended.

The books supposedly tell her tale from from those “early years as an outspoken student at Wellesley College and Yale Law School to marrying Bill Clinton and raising daughter Chelsea, to becoming First Lady of the United States and then a U.S. Senator and Secretary of State.”   It’s the “inspiring story” of the woman who may soon CHANGE THE WORLD.

I wonder  if either book mention  the “bimbo eruptions”, Chinagate, Travelgate, Whitewater, Filegate, Benghazi or the countless other lies she told to advance her career.

Or if they  explore the “Clinton Foundation” which is basically a slush fund for friends and family.

Or if it explains any of this.

Because THAT would be a good book.

Update/more info that won’t be in that book:

Somebody is lying …

Hillary Clinton is now telling lies about her lies. Lies about why Americans died halfway round the planet. This would be crippling to any other presidential campaign, and yet it takes The Conway Daily Sun even to put the matter to her.

It is a great shame that Mrs Clinton does not encounter more interviewers like Tom McLaughlin. But then, at the rarefied levels far above Conway, New Hampshire, American journalism is not about ferreting out the truth but about knowing when to avert your gaze, draw a veil, and ask no questions.

So enjoy it while you can. After primary day next month, Mrs Clinton will be safely back in the soothing embrace of the Stephanopouloses.

I love Mark Steyn.


“The Biggest Disaster In The History Of American Government”

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And no – I don’t think that’s an overstatement. The damage done by the “Affordable” Care Act is legion. Breitbart:


This is one of the biggest disasters in the history of American government, and that’s saying something. It’s also one of the biggest lies ever peddled to the American people. ObamaCare is fraud on an unprecedented scale. Remember, it was sold to the American public as a voluntary exercise – “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan, period.” Barack Obama smugly assured skeptics that his health care plan would be so awesome that millions of Americans would rush to drop their old plans and buy into ObamaCare, saving thousands of dollars in the process.

Instead, premiums are up, and sky-high deductibles make the resulting health “coverage” virtually useless.

The “coverage” is useless.   We are overpaying for nothing.   Health care premiums are breaking our budget and offer close to ZERO coverage.   I think last year our health “insurance” covered one procedure. Everything else was out of pocket.  EVERYTHING.

The penalties already paid represent one of the biggest tax increases on the middle class in living memory, precisely as ObamaCare critics warned… and it’s a tax people are paying for the “privilege” of getting nothing. They’d rather pay the IRS than give the money to Barack Obama’s cronies in the insurance industry for a low-quality product.

Back in the ramp up to the HUGE marketing of Obamacare, they ran a serious of “funny” little ads about not wanting to get caught without insurance and getting zapped with huge hospital bills.


Unfortunately – we HAD insurance and still got ZAPPED by ALL our hospital bills.  Cut my finger?   8 stitches ran me $1,500 out of pocket. An eye infection cost me $900.


So … in summation. Fuck you Obama. And fuck you everyone who supported, and continues to support, this monstrosity.

Hillary Clinton Campaign so far …

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A running list. Updated at will.

April 17th:

You know the type:
Daily Caller:

While the revelation that Hillary Clinton failed to leave a tip during her stop at a Chipotle earlier this week fell flat — few customers tip at the fast-casual Mexican restaurant — a deeper look at the former First Lady’s tipping habits shows she does have a history of stiffing people who depend on tips to make ends meet.

From her days as First Lady to her Senate candidacy to her first run for president, Clinton made news for failing to compensate a Florida hair stylist and two waitresses.

Powerful/lawyer woman who is a $hitty tipper? It’s a TYPE, people.

The Scooby-Doo road trip was apparently one way, as Hillary mixes with the hoi-poloi to fly home. Sorta. It’s about OPTICS, people:

Hillary’s handlers have been trying to reposition her as an ‘everywoman’ eager to meet with ordinary people.

But her first Iowa event, promoted as a spontaneous coffee shop sit-down with average voters, turned out to be a carefully staged production whose young participants were driven to the cafe by Clinton’s Iowa political director.

At least three of the ‘everyday Americans’ featured in Hillary’s campaign launch video have ties to Democratic Party politics.

And hours before her flight, Secret Service agents parked the now-familiar ‘Scooby’ van in a handicapped spot so she would have a shorter walk.

On Thursday a Vox reporter photographed Hillary at Omaha’s Eppley Field airport, holding on to her own rollaboard luggage and talking with a member of the public.

But while she boarded the plane like everyone else, she didn’t disembark that way: Afellow passenger tweeted a photo of the Town Car sedan – and police escort – that awaited her in Newark on the airport tarmac.

We can only carry these charades so far.

April 16th:

Campaign staff recruited and DROVE ‘everyday’ Iowans to Hillary’s first campaign stop — including health care ‘lobbyist in training’ who was an Obama campaign intern and Biden chauffeur

Austin Bird sat for coffee on Tuesday morning in the town of LeClaire, Iowa, chatting with Hillary Clinton as photographers snapped pictures

News reports called him a ‘student’ and her campaign called it an unscripted event

But Clinton’s Iowa political director Troy Price drove Bird and two other people to the coffee house

Bird is a hospital government relations official who interned with Barack Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign

The Iowa Democratic Party, which Price ran until a week ago, tasked him to be Joe Biden’s driver during an October Senate campaign trip in Davenport.

Pictures – with captions.

Scooby Doo van parks in Handicapped spot.

Queen Hillary

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Read everything Daniel Henninger ever writes. 

Just do it.The Battle Of Washington. Probably behind a paywall, but you should be paying for the WSJ.

So, onto the article; will this election FINALLY be about the federal Leviathan? The bloat? The weight that is dragging the ship down? Because the presidential candidate touring the country in the Scooby van is about nothing but increasing the size and scope of the federal government.

After defeating the Clinton organization in 2008, the progressive left finally got full control of the Democratic Party. There is no chance they will let Mrs. Clinton even glance toward the center in the next 19 months. The Democratic left didn’t like the Clintons in 2007 and still doesn’t.

You’re not going to hear a peep about the private sector in this campaign, other than her opening-day remark that “there’s something wrong when CEOs make 300 times more than the average American worker.”

Mrs. Clinton is a Democrat inheriting the economic headwinds of the Obama presidency, six years of below-average economic growth that has produced middle-class anxiety over flat incomes and flat jobs. Her solution: Make big government bigger.

No more fake republicans, who opt for the “losing more slowly” path. We need someone who will fight, and MEAN it.

You have to laugh, though, at Hillary Clintons obvious attempt to appear down to earth, traveling in a non-discript full sized fan. It reminds me of the Obama fake bus/ listening tour which from 2011:

Apparently President Obama only rode the buses for a couple of miles at a time, spending the rest of the time flying from community to community in Air Force One. What’s more, the buses were flown from stop to stop as well. It’s normal practice for the President’s entire motorcade to be loaded up on cargo planes and flown from destination to destination. The buses were just a new part of that motorcade.

Hillary’s not going to make that mistake, so she’s actually riding around in that GMC van. SEE? SHE’S NOT POLITICAL ROYALTY. She’s just like you and me. The Guardian:

But Hillary Clinton’s 1,000-mile presidential kickoff journey – from her $2.4m mansion in Chappaqua, New York, to a series of sit-downs in the American heartland that culminates on Wednesday in Norwalk, Iowa – appears to have succeeded, at least temporarily, in brushing off the image of a political royal awaiting coronation for a “champion” of the people ready for battle.

In the days since the former first lady, senator and secretary of state entered the race for the White House, pollsters, strategists and even a politician who road-tripped through his state to win voters say Clinton’s opening act was savvy – if not quite “pitch-perfect”.

Of course, this was an extremely calculated move. Something to counteract all the “it’s HER time” and “she’s EARNED” it talk. To paper over how long she’s been in government, so out of touch with average Americans who drive, shop, cook, clean, and pay their own bills. Rich Lowry:

Her announcement video spent more time dwelling on random people pursuing their dreams than it did on Hillary herself, a gesture toward her campaign’s focus on what she calls “everyday Americans.” These everyday Americans presumably are to be distinguished from the “occasional” or “once-a-week” Americans with whom Clinton spends her time in the normal course of things – the highflying donors, dignitaries, celebrities, and operatives who inhabit the upper tier of American politics that she has called home for nearly 25 years.

Hillary’s worst moments on her book tour last year were her exaggerations — from the heights of her power, fame, and wealth — of her own economic struggles. Negotiating the contrast between her middle-class message and her longtime upper-1-percent lifestyle would challenge an even more gifted politician.
Driving is something everyday Americans do, well, every day; Hillary hasn’t driven, not even a Scooby-Doo van, in 20 years. On the cusp of her announcement, Elle magazine did a glamorous spread on Chelsea Clinton wearing Cartier, Bulgari, and Tiffany and Co. jewelry, as befits the daughter of a burgeoning American political dynasty.

The early message she’s trying to convey? That she doesn’t feel entitled. But, of course, that is exactly how she feels. Notice the lack of other democrats running? Karl Rove:

On Tuesday Mrs. Clinton arrived in Iowa for visits to a restaurant and a garage where she read heartfelt talking points off heartfelt prepared notes. No tough questions from national reporters, just softballs from supporters. CNN’s Brianna Keilar reported Iowans “were perplexed” she didn’t talk with people Tuesday, undermining Mrs. Clinton’s woman-of-the-people narrative. She says she doesn’t feel entitled to the presidency, but apparently she feels entitled to campaign in a cocoon.

Let’s see how long the media allows her to do so, and how easily the LIVs fall for her line of bs.

It’s been a year …

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Maybe it’s time to begin again?

Just off the top of my head … a few musings …

I wonder how Gwyneth’s food stamp challenge is going?  Her little grocery items TOTALLY remind me of what I see people buying with their bridge card … 

You know … instead of falsely pretending that the poor don’t get enough to eat [cough]obesity[cough], how about we focus on the fact that 15% of the population gets food stamps.

Did Hillary enjoy her Burrito Bowl?

What is a Burrito Bowl? Can you use SNAP to buy one?

That’s enough for my first day back.

The President’s Busy Day of Identity Politics

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The National Action Network Convention is currently underway in New York. Don’t know what the NAN is? Well, that is Al Sharpton’s “No Justice, No Peace” Organization.

Guess who the keynote speaker is for tonight? Well, that would be our very own Dear Leader himself. Check out his schedule:

10:00 am || Recieves the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:00 am || Announces the nomination of Sylvia Burwell to be HHS Secretary
3:05 pm || Arrives New York City
4:10 pm || Delivers remarks at the National Action Network’s 16th Annual Convention
11:30 pm || Departs New York
12:40 am || Arrives White House

Weird how he’s in NY for 7+ hours?!? I’m guessing there is something else on the schedule … a little Kobe beef, or a DNC fundraiser.

So what is agenda for this convention?

The event’s primary goal, founder and president Al Sharpton told The Root, is to create an “action agenda” for the upcoming midterm elections.

Uhm … who paid for the AF1 trip to New York? It doesn’t sound like an “official visit.” This is politics. Identity politics, in which blacks are the poor victims of society, and the evil white man just wants to keep him down. Guess which party owns that?

Thursday April 10, 5:20 p.m.: What Will It Take for America to See Black Boys as Human?

Yep. Setting up the agenda for the midterm elections.

“And if George Zimmerman saw Trayvon as a human, he would possibly still be alive,” said Calloway, who announced plans to launch a program designed to humanize black men and boys in the American imagination.

In an emotional panel discussion, marked by fiery speeches and standing ovations, Calloway and other speakers—including Trayvon’s father, Tracy Martin—enumerated the ways in which they say American society undervalues and demonizes black men, pointing to deep-seated white supremacy and stereotypes that permeate everything from education to criminal justice.

Seriously? Black men undervalue and demonize THEMSELVES, in a society that is willing to bend over backwards to give them opportunity. All they have to do is reach out and grab it. Oh, and not become a gang banger. That’s the “reaching out” part that black men need to do.

“I can’t be mad at the system because the system wasn’t designed to protect us,” said Martin. “I honestly believe that this country was built on the backs of African-American men, and we as African-American men need to stand up and claim our rights in this country.” He urged the audience to treat the young men in their communities with respect from the time they were old enough to talk.

“They don’t like Richard Sherman, and they don’t like Barack Obama,” said Georgetown professor Michael Eric Dyson, who argued, “In every moment, black masculinity is under the scrutiny of an unjust society.” He took the African-American community to task for “smuggling in that white supremacy and internalizing the self-hatred that white supremacy purchases.”

And Barack Obama is appearing at this conference tonight. And, I’ll bet the costs are being completely covered by the taxpayers.

Ironic that this is occurring simultaneously to the event of the Steve Utash beating, who did NOT treat a young black boy as anything but human, and stopped to help. And for that, he was beaten within an inch of his life by a group of black men.

So far,five have been charged, and one has the added charged of ethnic intimidation.

In the aftermath of the event the community has rallied together in support of Utash and his family, but on that day last week, a random group of black teens and men saw a white man and beat him. Why? For what? How did this group become such people? If it weren’t for the action of the elderly, retired nurse Deborah Hughes, Utash would not have even made it to the hospital.

Barack Obama has stayed miles away addressing the beating, despite the fact that the “difficult national conversation on race” needs to include much more than the one-sided issues represented by the NAN and Al Sharpton.

As for last night’s discussion of what is will take for Americans to view black boys as humans? I would argue that Steve Utash did view the black boy who jumped in front of his car as human, and then the black gang that descended upon him did not act humanely at all.

How about if black boys stop admiring rap stars and sport’s figures, and instead look up to women such as Deborah Hughes for their role models.

Community Organizer President

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Of all the stupid, insulting, nonsensical things Obama has said this is my favorite*:

“You can give America the shaft, or you can give it a raise.”


This “community organizer” has had 6 years to drive us out of that ditch, and what has he done? The fake 6.6% unemployment rate is fooling no one but the LIVs.

White House apologists point to the lower 6.6 percent unemployment rate. But the declining percentage rate is largely the result of a shrinking labor force participation rate, as discouraged, long-term, jobless Americans stop looking for work and are no longer counted among the ranks of the unemployed.

If these workers officially reentered the work force, the real unemployment rate would be 9.6 percent, says the University of Maryland’s business economist Peter Morici.

The administration’s defenders say the declining labor force is the result of rising baby boomer retirements, but it turns out that’s not true.

“Baby boomer retirements are not driving down the adult participation rate. The percentage of working seniors aged 65 to 69 has risen to 30 percent from 27 percent over the last decade,” Morici says.

Many, if not most, older, lower income Americans are not working because they want to, but because they must to make ends meet.

His policies are directly responsible for our anemic economy, and yet the left so craves power it will do anything – lie, cheat, steal – to remain.

Thus, the minimum-wage snake-oil. Sure to ensnare the stupid.

*of this week. Seriously?!! You can’t expect me to pick a favorite!

Obama’s 3-hour stop in Michigan on the way to fundraisers in Chicago

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Ok, this is funny. Obama had a little stop in Michigan yesterday to tout raising the minimum wage (before flying to Chicago for dinner and a few fundraisers – just a day in the life of our Emperor), and I found this little nugget.

Michigan voted for Obama in both his presidential campaigns and his bailout of the auto industry has been popular here. Michigan also has an effort to put a measure on the November ballot to increase the state minimum wage, an initiative that polling shows is popular among voters who have been hit hard by the economic downturn in recent years.

On their way to the university campus, Obama and Peters stopped at Zingerman’s Deli , an Ann Arbor landmark, where they ordered Reuben sandwiches and were served by a University of Michigan graduate who makes $9 an hour, a rate above the current federal minimum wage.

This is funny/amazing on so many levels.

1) You have a University of Michigan graduate working at a deli, for $9 an hour, and you mention it as if that’s a good thing.

2) You are, essentially, advocating that U of M graduates deserve to be making $9 or $10 an hour …. [gasps for breath]

3) Zingerman’s? Really?

Let’s take a gander at how Zingerman’s is able to pay it’s employees $9 and hour, and perhaps we can extrapolate how such a policy would affect our economy.

Zingerman’s Rueban – Zingerman’s corned beef, Switzerland Swiss cheese, Brinery sauerkraut & Russian dressing on grilled, hand-sliced Jewish rye bread- $13.99 (for the small eater size) or $16.50 for the “big eater” size.

Everything else is extra. A soda is another $2.50.

You can get a tossed salad for $6.50/$8.50. That’s greens, onions, cucumbers and carrots. A Caesar is $9.00/$11.50. Greek salad? $11.50/$14.50.

$14 for a sandwich. No fries. No chips. No drink. For a small sammich, drink, and (small) chips, you’re forking over $17.75.

Go for the bigger Rueban and a bigger bag of chips, and you have to hand over $22.50.

Ba haaa haaa haaa …

No, this is too much.

If only we were all willing to pay $22.50 for our lunch, everyone could make a living wage.

Eh … not really

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So, yesterday Obama appeared in the Rose Garden to crow about the success that is, as he will now call it, Obamacare.

With an I-told-you-so swagger, President Obama said Tuesday that 7.1 million Americans signed up for health insurance by Monday’s deadline – exceeding the original White House goal under Obamacare.

“In the first six months, we’ve taken a big step forward,” he said amid cheers of supporters in the White House Rose Garden. “The truth is even more want to sign up.”

Obama is a small man who derides his critics from high as if they have no legitimate gripes. Behold:

In his Rose Garden remarks, Obama offered stories of everyday Americans who had benefited from his signature domestic program. He then used those sagas to deride naysayers.

“The lengths to which people have gone to scare people,” he said, “I don’t get it. Why are people working so hard for people not to have health insurance? Why are they so mad about the idea of folks having health insurance?”

Funny, Obama doesn’t want to talk about stories such as this one, where the new two-midnights rule of the ACA directly lead to the death of a man. Read it please.


But, amid all of this, one of the “GET COVERED” memes kinda got to me. It was the whole “you’re going to wish you had insurance if you break a bone” thing.

And this:

“Get covered now and save?” “Good thing you’re Covered?”

Only if you’re bad at math. Really bad at easy math.

Or- of course- if you’re not really paying for your health insurance because you’re on medicaid or a subsidy … in which case I’m paying for your health insurance. Then signing up (and not really “paying”) for insurance is a good deal!!! YEA FREE SHIT!!! Like these people:


So, a broken arm could cost $7,000 without insurance? What a joke.

My individual deductible is $7,500. And we pay almost $600 a month for that insurance (which, is much more expensive than our previous insurance, with worse benefits, but cheap compared to what some are paying). And, even this $hitty plan will go up in a year and a half.

So [does math] I’m only going to have to pay $14,200 for that broken arm. My deductible and my premium. Of course, at that point – after I break my arm – my deductible has been met, so if I break my OTHER arm, I’ll only have to pay the 20% co-pay. If I break TWO arms in one year, it will only cost me $15,520. You see this is where the real savings kicks in.


This isn’t “insurance”. This is pre-paid health care for services I won’t use. Well-baby visits are covered. Birth control. ROUTINE doctor visits – things that could be easily planned and saved for; although any tests they run? I’ll be paying for that.

So, by having “insurance” I only have to pay $14,200 if I break my arm.

Thanks Obama.

I also want to give a special shout-out to some of Obama’s useful idiots who filled twitter the last few days with “get covered” tweets. Pharrell Williams. Ellen DeGeneres. Sarah Silverman. Zach Braff. Kerry Washington. Will Wheaton. Rachael Ray.

All of whom are probably bad at math.

I’m sure I missed some, and I don’t want anyone to not be acknowledged. Please add in comments those I missed.

*$56 a month for health insurance? Sorry, chicky, you’re not paying for your health insurance. I am. Your $56-a-month probably isn’t even covering the wages of the paper-pusher handling your account.