It’s been a year …

Maybe it’s time to begin again?

Just off the top of my head … a few musings …

I wonder how Gwyneth’s food stamp challenge is going?  Her little grocery items TOTALLY remind me of what I see people buying with their bridge card … 

You know … instead of falsely pretending that the poor don’t get enough to eat [cough]obesity[cough], how about we focus on the fact that 15% of the population gets food stamps.

Did Hillary enjoy her Burrito Bowl?

What is a Burrito Bowl? Can you use SNAP to buy one?

That’s enough for my first day back.

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4 Comments on “It’s been a year …”

  1. agiledog Says:

    Or something like 40+% of households get government dole of some kind? Talk about buying votes….

  2. Steve B Says:

    Woot! Welcome Back!! Maybe this will motivate me to do the same!

  3. Steve B Says:

    Oh, and food stamps aren’t meant to be your sole source of subsistence. They are meant to supplement your income. “Fill the gaps” so to speak.

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