“The Biggest Disaster In The History Of American Government”

And no – I don’t think that’s an overstatement. The damage done by the “Affordable” Care Act is legion. Breitbart:


This is one of the biggest disasters in the history of American government, and that’s saying something. It’s also one of the biggest lies ever peddled to the American people. ObamaCare is fraud on an unprecedented scale. Remember, it was sold to the American public as a voluntary exercise – “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan, period.” Barack Obama smugly assured skeptics that his health care plan would be so awesome that millions of Americans would rush to drop their old plans and buy into ObamaCare, saving thousands of dollars in the process.

Instead, premiums are up, and sky-high deductibles make the resulting health “coverage” virtually useless.

The “coverage” is useless.   We are overpaying for nothing.   Health care premiums are breaking our budget and offer close to ZERO coverage.   I think last year our health “insurance” covered one procedure. Everything else was out of pocket.  EVERYTHING.

The penalties already paid represent one of the biggest tax increases on the middle class in living memory, precisely as ObamaCare critics warned… and it’s a tax people are paying for the “privilege” of getting nothing. They’d rather pay the IRS than give the money to Barack Obama’s cronies in the insurance industry for a low-quality product.

Back in the ramp up to the HUGE marketing of Obamacare, they ran a serious of “funny” little ads about not wanting to get caught without insurance and getting zapped with huge hospital bills.


Unfortunately – we HAD insurance and still got ZAPPED by ALL our hospital bills.  Cut my finger?   8 stitches ran me $1,500 out of pocket. An eye infection cost me $900.


So … in summation. Fuck you Obama. And fuck you everyone who supported, and continues to support, this monstrosity.

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3 Comments on ““The Biggest Disaster In The History Of American Government””

  1. agiledog Says:

    Your story is not unusual – it is the norm, now.

    A friend’s daughter was just diagnosed with a tumor – she is having to return to her parents’ area to get actual treatment, because she is on their Obamacare policy, and it won’t be covered where she lives. And they are having a hard time getting appointments and treatment, because so few places want to deal with these policies.

    O.T. Say “Hi!” to the Hostages for me.

  2. Car in Says:

    Will do Agile. Or you could come visit. You know where it is:)

    ANd yes. THere is NOTHING unique about my story.

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