Hillary Jong Ill





We’ve got a few new books out on our newest dear-leader hopeful.




Picture books. FOR KIDS. I assume.


Both of these gems just came out (January 5th) in time to indoctrinate the youts  for the election. Propaganda isn’t just for the Norks anymore. From the WSJ:



From [the] fabulously pompous opening, the book leads, ultimately, to a silhouette of Mrs. Clinton against a golden sunrise—and the promise that she “may soon change the world.”

These vainglorious picture-book renditions of the life story of an American machine politician give an illuminating glimpse into the mind-set of those who offer themselves as cogs in that machine. Like the Kim family’s posters in North Korea, they are so richly and inadvertently comic that only true believers or the very young and trusting could find them persuasive. Unfortunately, it is the very young for whom these works are intended.

The books supposedly tell her tale from from those “early years as an outspoken student at Wellesley College and Yale Law School to marrying Bill Clinton and raising daughter Chelsea, to becoming First Lady of the United States and then a U.S. Senator and Secretary of State.”   It’s the “inspiring story” of the woman who may soon CHANGE THE WORLD.

I wonder  if either book mention  the “bimbo eruptions”, Chinagate, Travelgate, Whitewater, Filegate, Benghazi or the countless other lies she told to advance her career.

Or if they  explore the “Clinton Foundation” which is basically a slush fund for friends and family.

Or if it explains any of this.

Because THAT would be a good book.

Update/more info that won’t be in that book:

Somebody is lying …

Hillary Clinton is now telling lies about her lies. Lies about why Americans died halfway round the planet. This would be crippling to any other presidential campaign, and yet it takes The Conway Daily Sun even to put the matter to her.

It is a great shame that Mrs Clinton does not encounter more interviewers like Tom McLaughlin. But then, at the rarefied levels far above Conway, New Hampshire, American journalism is not about ferreting out the truth but about knowing when to avert your gaze, draw a veil, and ask no questions.

So enjoy it while you can. After primary day next month, Mrs Clinton will be safely back in the soothing embrace of the Stephanopouloses.

I love Mark Steyn.


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3 Comments on “Hillary Jong Ill”

  1. Keith Says:

    Ca Ran,
    Possibly you might author such a illuminating book? Where the sun rises high above Hilliary. Exposes all in the noon day light instead of the late shade of the sun setting behind her, concealing the devilish deeds of a member of the Communist Party U.S.A.. I’m confident a graphic artist could be found to graphically illustrate for the kids the hard truth about this fiend.

  2. Keith Says:

    Excuse please my error.
    Car in.
    Very sorry for mistake.

  3. Car in Says:

    Keith – none of the big publishing houses would publish such sacrilege. I think what I find most amusing/scary is that you have these sycophants peddling this stuff.

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