Michigan – the way forward


Some politicians give us failure. Some politicians give us failure mixed with spectacle. Once in a generation, a politician gives us failure and misunderstanding so colossal that his or her bad example rises to the level of public service.

To this elite few belongs Jennifer Granholm.

Ba haaa haaa haaa ….

During Granholms tenure, Michigan plummeted. Coincidence? I think not.

Apparently her “Cool Cities” initiative—one of her many efforts that was supposed to halt Michigan’s brain drain—wasn’t cool enough. She and her husband have moved to Berkeley, where they are both teaching.

Most of us in Michigan realize that Granholm was not a good governor. But, that leaves 56 other states in which she can peddle her schtick in an attempt to redeem herself.

Today she is running around the nation selling a book and a message. The book is called “A Governor’s Story: The Fight for Jobs and America’s Economic Future.” Her message—that Granholm’s Michigan shows the way forward—has been taken seriously in all the places you might expect: the New York Times and Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show.”

Michigan – the way forward. Her line has also been taken seriously but many only the left, including the Huffington Post and Salon. I know, shocker.

Her big message, the one she’s repeating in her radio interviews, is that she knows the Republican strategy for recovery is doomed to fail, because she (apparently) tried it.

At the top of Ms. Granholm’s claims is that she knows that low taxes and lean government are no prescription for growth because she tried supply-side and found it wanting. To prove her point, her appendix lists 99 business and 17 individual “tax cuts” she approved. She notes likewise that both state spending and the number of state employees dropped during her time.

In fact, almost all Ms. Granholm’s “tax cuts” are tax credits or other forms of tax preferences. A less delicate way of saying this is that far from reducing rates for everyone, Ms. Granholm played favorites. That meant a more complicated tax code where trendy businesses (green jobs, anyone?) that would fail without subsidies are effectively underwritten by non-favored businesses and other taxpayers.

Yea, Berkley can keep her and her husband.

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One Comment on “Michigan – the way forward”

  1. Jay in Ames Says:

    It’s good we have Berkley. That way we have someplace to put all the Democrats when they get voted out. That way we can keep track of them. Somebody gin up a committee chair for Barry and M’chle.

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