Obama takes a discisive lead

By filling out his NCAA bracket.

I’m glad he could find a few minutes away from practicing his golf swing to do this.


While Japan Burns, Obama Fills Out His Bracket. Of course, he didn’t just fill out his bracket, he taped a segment for ESPN about it. All this after a late night Monday to kick off his fundraising for 2012 re-election.

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7 Comments on “Obama takes a discisive lead”

  1. MCPO Airdale Says:

    Feckless and narcissistic is no way to go through life. . . unless your name is Barry Soetoro!

  2. Sean M. Says:

    Hey! It’s not easy being Barry. Try walking 18 holes in his golf cleats before you criticize him.

  3. agiledog Says:

    Try walking 18 holes in his golf cleats before you criticize him

    I am SURE that is one more thing MCPO could do better than Barry. Bet he has a better swing than Barry, too.

  4. Hotspur Says:


    The Lightworker™ has the top four seeds in the Final Four. Genius.

  5. I remember all the too precious “letters” and apologies to the world from the usual suspects when W. was President.

    Now when such an act is truely in order, here’s mine:

    Dear World,

    Now that we have arrived in a time when American Leadership was never more needed, 52% of our countrymen, with the aid and blessing of the foreign and domestic press, have ensured that there isn’t any to answer that call.
    You brought this on yourselves, and fucked us in the process, too.

    Thanks for nothing, enjoy your chaos.


  6. Car in Says:

    BiW – As I watch Obama increasingly disapoint the world with his massive FAIL as a world leader, I’ve had the exact same thought.

    He was the World’s first president. Congrats, idiots.

  7. Hotspur Says:

    Bartleby Obama

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