Dude, we’re THERE

We’re broke:

We’re not fine. We don’t have lots of money. If we took all the money from the richest people in the country, we STILL couldn’t get out of this mess.

The grand total of the combined net worth of every single one of America’s billionaires is roughly $1.3 trillion. It does indeed sound like a “ton of cash” until one considers that the 2011 deficit alone is $1.6 trillion. So, if the government were to simply confiscate the entire net worth of all of America’s billionaires, we’d still be $300 billion short of making up this year’s deficit.

Will the battle move to Michigan this week? Michael Moore is calling for huge protests in Lansing tomorrow. A rally in Saginaw yesterday was rather small and there was little news of the other rallies that were planned across the state. Today, the AARP is having a “It’s Not Fair!” rally in Lansing.

Daniel Howe:

The hot rhetoric and growing backlash against Gov. Rick Snyder’s agenda — and its variants across the Great Lakes states — are nauseating evidence that when craven politicians and noisy interest groups face a choice between continuing decline and uncomfortable change, they’ll opt for decline because it’s easier than doing the math.

They get to keep their exemption(s) and their tax breaks, their corporate welfare and their closed union shops, their campaign contributions and their elected offices, even if keeping it all means that the Michigan malaise is here to stay. And if coveted employers and young people don’t stay, well, that’s an unfortunate byproduct of shortsighted self-interest.

Our State is BROKE. Michael Moore is one of the few folks in the state with a job and money.

Dissemble, delay and demonize may not be particularly effective tactics in the face of declining tax revenue, rising costs, slumping property values, meager job creation and exhausted taxpayers. But they’re the Holy Trinity for blocking the pro-growth/restructured government agendas being pursued by Snyder and fellow Great Lakes governors, including Democrat Andrew Cuomo in New York.

Dissemble. Delay. Demonize.

Exactly right. That’s what they do.

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One Comment on “Dude, we’re THERE”

  1. Jay in Ames Says:

    They kept the Iowa collective bargaining law in committee in the Senate, didn’t even make it to the floor.

    Same thing for the Same Sex Marriage vote.

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