Ruling Dynastys

So, should we just give up the illusion that we freely elect our leaders, from among the entire population, based on who can best serve? Let’s just openly acknowledge that it’s all an inside game of who you know, who you are?

That there is simply a ruling class.

Because there’s this:

“Everyone anticipates Debbie will run and win,” said one top Michigan Democrat who is close to the Dingell family and asked to speak on background because the comments came so soon after the veteran congressman’s retirement announcement.

“It’s no secret that Debbie will most likely run and will be the one to beat in that race. I just don’t see anybody else challenging her in a serious way. Debbie’s been here in this district for 30 years, in the trenches,” the source close to the family continued.

If Debbie Dingell wins, she’d keep the district the family has held in some form since 1933. Her husband became the longest serving member in congressional history last year, hitting the 58-year mark in 2013. His father, former Rep. John Dingell Sr. (D-Mich.), held the same seat for more than two decades before that, and his son succeeded him after the elder Dingell’s death in 1955.

Other Michigan Democrats agree Debbie Dingell is all but certain to run for her retiring husband’s seat, and if she does, she’ll be very tough to compete against in a Democratic primary.

The seat has been in the family since 1933. 81 years. Seriously, wtf?

I’m sick of Bushs and Kennedys and Dingells and Clintons and every other clan where the “family business” is politics.

If Debbie Dingell does run, few expect her to face a serious challenge. The district, which stretches from Detroit’s blue-collar suburbs to the college town of Ann Arbor, is overwhelmingly Democratic, and the Dingells are a household name throughout the region.

Of course, they are a household name? they’ve been in power for 81 years? How do you compete with that? How is is “democratic” to have these sorts of political dynasties, which are simply unbeatable electorally?

Like her husband, Dingell isn’t known as a doctrinaire liberal: Both have taken more centrist stances on gun control, and she might be more of a centrist on environmental issues, which could theoretically cause her problems with some of the district’s more liberal voters in Ann Arbor.

Ha ha haaaa … oh see, they’re moderates. Their stance on those two issues have nothing to do with 1) the auto industry and 2) hunters in Michigan.

Bow down bitches.

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7 Comments on “Ruling Dynastys”

  1. So she is running on name recognition? Jean Carnahan did that too, and lasted one term, IIRC. I’m kinda hoping the constituency there is sick of Dingelberries.

  2. Car in Says:

    Look, if my spellcheck doesn’t catch it …

  3. Car in Says:

    She isn’t really running on name recognition, although that will help. A lot. She has used her husband’s position to get in good with Michigian dems. She works for the state DNC, and is on the radio all the time promoting John’s stuff, and slowly parlayed that into a job.

    She has done exactly what other politician’s wives have done. What Hilary did.

  4. Car in Says:

    I kinda like that the word “nasty” is there in full, though, Hotspur.

  5. Hotspur Says:

    I see your point.

  6. agiledog Says:

    But when talking about the Dingells, it should be “nasties”

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