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The path of least resistance makes all rivers, and some men, crooked. -Napoleon Hill

They don’t seem very interested at the Huffington Post in covering what’s going on in Venezuela. I wonder why? That’s so WEIRD.

I found this one lonely little article waaaaaaay down at the very bottom of their “Worldpost” page from last night, with only one comment on it. The user’s tagline was “The GOP is OUT OF CONTROL” so I don’t think she’s conservative.

Continuing Chavez’s attack on Democracy!! SAD!!

How some of my fellow Liberals can continue supporting governments like this is beyond me. Chavez went after Jews, Journalist & opposition leaders & it seems that practice is continuing. SAD!!

You see, it’s because liberals don’t want too see the results of their failed narrative; the real-life results of policies they are currently advocating. In a linked huffpoo/Reuters piece you see where they want to go with this. What is the line of the liberals progressives? This is a only middle class movement. The poor are still supporting the government … @@

They are happy to be building a more socialist government.” (autoplay warning)

There you go.

Yes. Of course the poor are still supporting this Chavista government. Because Daddy Sugar is taking care of them. Or trying to. Promising at least.

Just as the “poor”, here, supports the redistributive plots of OUR government. People are always supportive when they benefit; when they are getting something for nothing. That is why the welfare state grows and grows and grows. It is a cancer that erodes self-determination. As long as nothing is required, outside of a vote, people will act similarly to the river. The path of least resistance.

The problem is, the government SUCKS at … just about everything. Any large government. This is nothing new, the Founding Fathers warned us about it. A government can no better take care of the everyday welfare of it’s citizens than it can run a Post office. Eventually, it creaks to a halt.

It is a law. A truism. A reality.

So this is the danger. Our warning sign. The oncoming freight train of despair from which, once in full force, only the SMOD can save us.

Wake up.

* I use this song ironically, because Rage Against the Machine, as just about everyone knows, are commies.

More excuse making here. Basically, democracy has spoken when Madura was elected (a perfectly legitimate election result, apparently) and the US is behind the current dissent in the country.

The discussions in comments are fascinating.

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