It’s Happening In Real Time. Pay Attention.

It’s time to pay attention, liberals, because the downfall is happening in real time. No need to crack a book to learn history’s lessons of the end run of socialism. Just turn your eyes to Venezuela.

Think of not being able to buy soap, rice or toilet paper or order a cup of coffee, where even the rich are feeling poor. “In the serene private clubs of Caracas, there is no milk, and the hiss of the cappuccino machine has fallen silent. In the slums, the lights go out every few days, or the water stops running. In the grocery stores, both state-run shops and expensive delicatessens, customers barter information: I saw soap here, that store has rice today. The oil engineers have emigrated to Calgary, the soap opera stars fled to Mexico and Colombia. And in the beauty parlours of this nation obsessed with elaborate grooming, women both rich and poor have cut back to just one blow-dry or manicure each week.”

Toyota Motor Company shut down assembly. GM and Ford aren’t assembling cars either, because they can’t get parts. Inflation is at 50%. The TV stations are all now state controlled. Propaganda posters boast of socialist Venezuela, while there isn’t even toilet paper to wipe their asses. Twitter was shut down the other day when it was being used to coordinate student protests against the government. Yet, useful idiots like Sean Penn and Danny Glover supported Chavez and the social revolution which has lead to this ruin.

But the problem is, it is easier to wreck things, than to repair them.

The genius of the Left — Chavez’s for example — is that it destroys things from the inside out. They pervert religion, collapse the mores, abolish the family, shred the constitution and gradually expropriate the property. The differences from one day to the next are apparently imperceptible, but it is harder and harder to go back until finally there is no reversal of ‘progressive gains’ possible at all. The public is finally faced with the stark choice between chaos or authoritarianism. And most people will chose the Boss over the Mob.
The problem with Venezuela is that Chavismo has left people with nowhere else to go. It’s burned the bridges. There’s no reopening the car plants or restarting the factories, or even repairing the power plants. The engineers have all emigrated to Alberta, Canada. The same can be said of Syria. Who wants to open a store in Homs? In ten years nobody left in Homs will even remember how to do it. A whole generation of children is now growing up who know nothing other than war.

So, what do we learn from this? Well, Chavez had a cult of personality thing going, who touted equality, and raged against the income gap between the rich and poor. He poured government money into social programs which propped up his popularity. His government nationalized many industries, using that money to fund his programs.

High oil prices funded Mr. Chavez’s “Bolivarian revolution” over the past 14 years. He made massive investments in health and education; because the government releases almost no reliable data, it is debatable how much impact these had on human development, but they did inspire a belief in redistribution and justice, and ensured his huge popularity.

Which brings me to this

Even before President Obama was elected in 2008 I wrote that he was showing Chavez-like tendencies. I have never seen any reason to revise that notion; it has only strengthened. Reading the Globe and Mail article I quoted above, I am struck in particular by this seemingly unimportant quote, “the government releases almost no reliable data.” That’s been especially true of Obamacare and the present administration, as I pointed out last Thursday. Far more than ever before in my memory, domestic statistics released by the government have become almost pure propaganda, and few on right or left trust them.

Who believes anything Obama says anymore?

The problem in debating the problems (and end run of liberal goals) , is neatly summed up by David Horowitz in “The Black Book of The American Left”:

What makes an outlook “conservative” is that it is rooted in an attitude about the past rather than in expectations of the future. The first principles of conservatism are propositions about human nature and the way human beings behave in social context; about limits, and what limits make possible. This practicality,this attention to experience, to workable arrangements, explains why the conservative community can be liberal and tolerant toward its members in ways that the progressive left cannot.
In contrast to the conservative outlook, liberal and radical ideologies are about the future, about desired outcomes. The first priciples of the left are the priciples of politically constructing a “better world.” Throughout the modern era, the progressive future has been premised on a social contract that would make all of society’s members equal – or at least provide them with equal starting points.
Since ideologies of the left are commitments to an imagine future, to question them is to provoke a moral rather than an empirical response: Are you for or against the equality of human beings? To dissent from the progressive viewpoint is not a failure to assess relevant facts but an unwillingness to embraxe a liberated future. It is, therefore, to will the imperfections and injustices of the present order. In the current cant of the left, it is to be “racist, sexist, classist,” a defender of the status quo.
That is why not only radicals, but even thos who call themselves liberals, are instinctively intolerant toward the conservative position.

Their political views are a MORAL choice. Chavez’s goals were what counted, not what was produced. It doesn’t matter that there isn’t toilet paper to wipe their asses. The useful idiots sung his praises until the end.

“I join with millions… of freedom-loving people around the world, in hope for a rewarding future for the democratic and social development charter of the Bolivarian Revolution,” he said, referring to liberation icon Simon Bolivar.

“We all embraced Hugo Chavez as a social champion of democracy, material development, and spiritual well-being,” added Glover, star of the “Lethal Weapon” movies and a long-time supporter of Chavez and liberal causes.

On Tuesday, “JFK” and “Natural Born Killers” director Stone said: “I mourn a great hero to the majority of his people and those who struggle throughout the world for a place.”

Oliver Stone, Sean Penn, Danny Glover and every other useless fucking tool needs to watch this:

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39 Comments on “It’s Happening In Real Time. Pay Attention.”

  1. Real time indeed. And yet most people are too preoccupied with how Jimmy Fallon is doing on the Tonight Show to care.

  2. Car in Says:

    Or CANDY CRUSH!!!!!

  3. Car in Says:

    Phone/facebook games have become the “Soma” the government has been waiting for.

  4. scott Says:

    Well done!

    * awards post – 3 Stanley Cups, 1 Oscar, and 17 Yoshi Blue skillets*

  5. Car in Says:

    *clears mantle for awards

  6. Reblogged this on Lantana Texas Voter Information and commented:
    This can happen in America.

  7. MJ Says:

    *presents Carin with Lemon Bear of the Year Award.

  8. Car in Says:

    *puts Lemon Bear award right in the MIDDLE of the mantle.

  9. geoff Says:

    What I wrote in December, 2006:

    From Yahoo:

    Emboldened by a resounding re-election, President Hugo Chavez pledged to shake up Venezuela with a more radical version of socialism and forge a wider front against the United States in Latin America.

    What can we expect from this “radical version of socialism?” More nationalization, perhaps? Chavez tells us not to worry:

    The president insists he is a democrat and will continue to respect private property — though he has boosted state control over the oil industry and has said he might nationalize utilities.

    The only thing I’ll nationalize will be the oil industr…wait, the only two things I’ll nationalize will be the oil industry and the util…hold on, the only three things I’ll nationalize will be the oil industry, the utilities, and a paper mi…darn it! the only four things I’ll nationalize will be the oil industry, the utilities, a paper mill, and a valve fact…crap! the only five things I’ll nationalize will be…

    I don’t own any factories in Venezuela, but if I did, I don’t think I’d be very comforted.

    A month later he decided to go ahead and start nationalizing “key businesses.” Then it was just a matter of sitting back and watching the show. Less than 8 years from a functioning economy to a place where you can’t buy toilet paper.

  10. geoff Says:

    Well that formatting went to hell. The “Emboldened” and “The president” paragraphs were supposed to be quotes from articles.

    It’s great that you pointed out the MSM’s silence, Car in. I’ve been buried in specialty blogs and didn’t notice that Venezuela’s collapse wasn’t common knowledge.

  11. sock_rat_eez Says:

    “can happen” ?
    more like “is happening”.

  12. Car in Says:

    Geoff, you’re average person has NO clue. Only us newz nerds.

  13. Excellente! Muy, muy excellente! 🙂

  14. Car in Says:

    Don’t start, J’ames.

  15. Jay in Ames Says:

    Oh wait, I thought it was the other place…

  16. Car in Says:

    And I thought you were Hotspur for a second.

  17. Edohiguma Says:

    100% like it was in Eastern Europe. People there ended up hoarding simple things like pickles. Why? Because they never knew when they could buy them again.

    The advantage of growing up across the street from the Eastern European socialist paradise is remembering these things.

    Including the people who constantly tried to flee this “paradise”.

  18. agiledog Says:

    But, but, but: “President Maduro and the good people of Venezuela” are the only ones who donated oil to Joe Kennedy’s heating oil project. They can’t be bad.

    * spit

  19. beasn Says:

    I wonder if these students can somehow start bringing the military to their side….get a few with access to weapons. The peaceful protesting is only getting them killed.

  20. GMLand Says:

    Nicely done, Car in. I like you.

  21. beasn Says:

    Btw, I wouldn’t call Sean Penn a tool. If he actively supports the thugocracy, he is part of the thugocracy. Dude should be IRS’d and Homeland Securitized.

  22. Car in Says:

    Dude should be beaten with prejudice.

  23. Ib1netmon Says:

    While I can certainly sympathize with the young lady who made the video and the people of Venezuela who are suffering, this all leads me to ask, why does no one seem to connect what is happening in Venezuela today and Chavez? That the current situation is the natural and fully expected outcome of the socialist policies of the Chavistas? I would wager that many of the protesters today were those who helped Chavez take and hold power and only now are simply unhappy with the results?

  24. harbqll Says:

    The only difference between what’s happening there, and what’s happening here (besides the fact that we’re not quite as far along) is that the law-abiding against whom the mob will rage have an additional option besides “the Boss”. I was living down south during Katrina, and there was some mob action – we didn’t need “the Boss” to handle it.

    At least, until they do finally manage to take all our guns away.

  25. […] Carin, a preview of things to come here perhaps in the not so distant […]

  26. pablo4200 Says:

    A very important post, Carin. Well done. You need to get one of them there social media sharing thingamabobs installed. I’d like to see this one blow up.

  27. pablo4200 Says:

    Alrighty then.

    Let’s see if that Insty retweet tuns into a ‘lanche.

  28. Car in Says:

    Thanks Pablo.

  29. pipandbaby Says:

    Great post…too bad our stupid news media is quietly ignoring in favor of some guy doing a shot of vodka on the Today show.

  30. pablo4200 Says:

    My pleasure, hon.

  31. Keith Soreng Says:

    Reading this article made ma think of the following quote:

    That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons of history.
    Aldous Huxley

  32. G Mo Says:

    >>>> and raged against the income gap between the rich and poor. <<<<<<

    Seem like I've been hearing similar from our closest tyrant.

    Good post Carin.

  33. RyanC Says:

    liberals != socialists and socialism != communism. great opportunities for interesting debate and analysis, wasted by ignorance of bias and closed minds. When you’ve already made your decision, the only effort you’re willing to expend is on attempting to change other people’s opinions to match your own.

  34. agiledog Says:

    liberals != socialists

    Demonstrably false. If you believe otherwise, you are willfully blind or politically uninformed.

    great opportunities for interesting debate and analysis, wasted by ignorance of bias and closed minds.

    Projection! It’s not just for big screen TVs anymore!

    the only effort you’re willing to expend is on attempting to change other people’s opinions

    And why would I expend effort to change my opinion to match yours? If you believe what you think is right, aren’t you suppose to try and convince others of it, and not the other way around? Or is this just more of the liberals’ “it is this way because shut up”?

  35. Car in Says:

    If Ryan was interested, we could have explained to him that today’s “Liberal” leaders are progressives, which was were communists went when they realized that the marxist version of their utopia wasn’t going to work. Their simply were not enough workers willing to rebel. To many of the working folk were pretty happy with the way things were.

    So they contrived a new plan. Keep the union mojo, but then go after the elites for whom a rebellion was little more than an intellectual exercise. They could certain get behind the thinly disguised communist ideas because they were going to be part of the RULING party.

    It worked pretty well.

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