This is going to be fun

Liberals out in Seattle are growing a “Food Forest.” What’s a “Food Forest’? Oh, I’ll let them tell you in all their unicorn-dreams optimism:

A food forest is a gardening technique or land management system, which mimics a woodland ecosystem by substituting edible trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals. Fruit and nut trees make up the upper level, while berry shrubs, edible perennials and annuals make up the lower levels. The Beacon Food Forest will combine aspects of native habitat rehabilitation with edible forest gardening.

The goal of the Beacon Food Forest is to bring the richly diverse community together by fostering a Permaculture Tree Guild approach to urban farming and land stewardship. By building a community around sharing food with the public we hope to be inclusive to all in need of food.

Who can go and and take whatever they want? ANYONE. Foragers of all stripes. NPR:

Of course, any “free” food source begs the question of what to do with overzealous pickers. No definitive answer on how to handle that predicament has been established yet, though. According to Herlihy, the only solutions right now are to produce an abundance of fruit so there’s enough for everyone and to embed “thieves’ gardens” with extra plants in the park for those people eager to take more than their share.

Oh, that’s going to work great! Because you can easily accommodate for those who take “more than their fair share.”

In 1974 the general public got a graphic illustration of the “tragedy of the commons” in satellite photos of the earth. Pictures of northern Africa showed an irregular dark patch 390 square miles in area. Ground-level investigation revealed a fenced area inside of which there was plenty of grass. Outside, the ground cover had been devastated.

The explanation was simple. The fenced area was private property, subdivided into five portions. Each year the owners moved their animals to a new section. Fallow periods of four years gave the pastures time to recover from the grazing. The owners did this because they had an incentive to take care of their land. But no one owned the land outside the ranch. It was open to nomads and their herds. Though knowing nothing of Karl Marx, the herdsmen followed his famous advice of 1875: “To each according to his needs.” Their needs were uncontrolled and grew with the increase in the number of animals. But supply was governed by nature and decreased drastically during the drought of the early 1970s. The herds exceeded the natural “carrying capacity” of their environment, soil was compacted and eroded, and “weedy” plants, unfit for cattle consumption, replaced good plants. Many cattle died, and so did humans.

This “Food Forest” is either going to fail, or they are going to curtail the “free foraging” idea, which is the basic premise of the park.

It won’t work. It never does.

It’s not that liberals don’t know anything. It’s just what they know isn’t so.

Thanks to my friend Roamy for this story.

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9 Comments on “This is going to be fun”

  1. PepeLp Says:

    I had a sociology prof who worked in Bangladesh (I think) They were trying to help the villagers by giving them a protein source. They introduced fish into the local water supply of poor villages. The fish would multiply and the villagers could catch one whenever they wanted. Great plan, but what happened was that the villagers started worrying that someone else would get all the fish, and none would be left for them. So everybody fished until all the fish were eliminated.

  2. Car in Says:

    Communism fails every time it’s tried.

  3. I have four words for you:

    Tragedy of the Commons

  4. Car in Says:

    liberals have never heard of that, Aggie. This is going to be very entertaining.

  5. Indeed, and I shall make sure to have plenty of wine-in-a-box and popcorn around for it.

  6. Sean M. Says:

    Sounds vaguely familiar…

    *strums guitar*

    In the Big Rock Candy Mountains,
    There’s a land that’s fair and bright,
    Where the handouts grow on bushes
    And you sleep out every night.
    Where the boxcars all are empty
    And the sun shines every day
    And the birds and the bees
    And the cigarette trees
    The lemonade springs
    Where the bluebird sings
    In the Big Rock Candy Mountains.

  7. agiledog Says:

    It won’t work. It never does.

    The problem is that it has never been tried before by people who are true believers – this time it will work!

  8. Steve B Says:

    The fundamental flow of socialism/communism is that if fails to account for human nature.

  9. PCachu Says:

    Candy Mountain, Charlie! It’ll be an adventure!

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