Much needed Metal moment:

In the last two days, six people have been murdered in the city of Detroit.

But let’s focus on the shooting of ONE woman, and ignore the rest. Because … racism, or something. I already went on about it on the comments at the H2 so you can review that if you want to hear about the two separate shooting in Detroit over the last two days, which have (as of yet) NOT lead to any protests or outrage.

But the speculation and outrage over the death of Renisha McBride is bubbling. Huffpo Link full of speculation and non-facts for those interested.

There was a protest yesterday DEMANDING that the police fully investigate the incident.

Uh, hello? What makes you think they aren’t?

Oh, yea, racism, and claims that NO ONE CARES ABOUT THE MURDER OF A BLACK WOMAN. It’s all racism. Everything – even questioning the facts of the case.

The Free Press report, quoting Lt. Serwatowski, says McBride’s car accident occurred in Detroit around 1:30 a.m. Saturday. She was shot around 3:40 a.m.

“I’ll confirm that she was in an accident in Detroit and that she left the accident scene, and then some hours transpired,” Serwatowski told the paper.

Hampton said questions about McBride’s whereabouts between the time of the crash and when she was shot on the Dearborn Heights porch are a subtle form of victim-blaming.

“This is what happens, again and again,” Hampton said, invoking the killing of unarmed Florida teenager Trayvon Martin last year. “It’s kind of textbook. We’re able to break it down in the public media, when it came to Trayvon, the criminalization of the victim, of the corpse. Look, he got a C, look, he was a teenager who smoked pot, he had a sugar problem, he liked Skittles. … It becomes the criminalization of the corpse. … The police are supposed to be advocating for victims.”

These race-baiting parasites are LIARS. It’s what they do. It’s how they make their argument. And people are generally stupid, so they fall for it.

The comments are fun, though.

Since when do robbers walk up to front doors and knock!!!!!! Come on people. This is a case of White Fear and the man should be charged with manslaughter.

GOOD POINT. Oh, except I had a robber knock on my door in the middle of the night. In Detroit. You see, he had been attempting to steal my car when I arrived home in the middle of the night from my bartending job. I parked BEHIND the car he was trying to steal. He was blocked-in.

So … he knocked on my door.

Between my chain, and my German Shepherd, everything was fine – but what would have happened if I had opened that door? Upon which he knocked. He asked me to call “his mom.”

Huh. Since when do people knock on the door, of a home where he’d JUST attempted to steal a car, and ask for a phone?

Weird things happen. I do not know that he wasn’t trying to rob me. I don’t. And neither does the super smart commenter at Huffpo.

And no one knows a SINGLE thing about what Renisha was doing after she crashed that car. Nothing. So, if people are going to speculate that she was just innocently doing nothing for two hours, then went up to a house for help, I’m going to speculate that she spent the two hours getting high on Meth, and then rampaged in a bizarre, and frightening manner on that homeowners porch.

Both opinions are equally informed.

In related stupidity, I see they were protesting Walmart the other day. I personally don’t care for Walmart to I 1) don’t shop or 2) work there.


But apparently I should be boycotting them. WHAT DO THEY WANT? Justice A minimum wage of $25,000 a year. more Huffpoo.

“Folks can come in as entry level or whatever level they’re at and can work up as far as they’re willing to go,” Lundberg said. “That’s one of the things we’re proudest of.”

After working full time at Walmart in Paramount, Calif., for 10 years, Martha Sellers, 55, makes $25,400 a year. In the last few years, she said, her managers have been cutting her weekly hours, sometimes to as few as 12 hours a week.

Oh my dear Martha … elections have consequences. Sorry.

Last year, through online organizing, OUR Walmart coordinated strikes on Thanksgiving and Black Friday in 46 states and 100 stores. The actions put a spotlight on the world’s largest retailer during one of the biggest shopping periods of the year. Walmart had its best Black Friday ever, according to the company.

Regarding associates being required to work earlier on Thanksgiving, Lundberg said, “Folks understand that when they come to work for Walmart, that we’re a 24-hour store, and Thanksgiving is one of those days that we serve our customers.”

Sellers went on strike on Black Friday last year and said she plans to do so again this year. “Walmart claims to be a family-oriented company,” she said. “But where’s the family time? They took away Easter too.

You know who you should direct your anger at? Not Walmart. You fellow man, who insists on shopping on those days. If there were no demand, it wouldn’t happen. Period.

“Where is the American economy going if we’re all working poverty wages?,” Sellers said. “There will be no working class. We’ll all be in a poverty class.”

There is so much wrong in that little paragraph, I don’t even know where to begin. So, I’ll just leave it there.

I think I need a bit more metal right now …

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