We can trust folks …

I’m actually pretty much speechless on this one:

Since October 1, individuals have been trying (with great difficulty) to apply online for the health plans offered in Obamacare’s new exchanges, and for the subsidies attached. Starting January 1, 2014, taxpayers will foot the bill for anyone receiving Obamacare subsidies. Here’s the problem: Millions of Americans who claim to be eligible for a taxpayer-provided subsidy might not be.

Earlier this year, the administration admitted it was not even going to check if applicants were eligible for subsidies. Instead, it said it would rely on individuals to “self-attest” they are eligible for subsidies.

Uhm … item:




Yea, this is a great idea. Let’s allow people to self-report their income regarding a new entitlement eligibility. That’s going to work GREAT.

Apparently, it’s simply TOO HARD to verify income. Here, the Daily Kos (no link) explains why income verification is a bad thing:

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to speculate that all of the issues, noted above, would add significant cost-overruns and schedule delays (or, if additional data processing tasks to meet G.O.P. demands are added to the mix, they could add exponentially greater cost overruns and schedule delays) to the rollout of the ACA programs both on a federal level and throughout the country.

Democrats need to move cautiously before accepting well-intentioned conditions from bipartisan negotiators when it comes to launching these types of technology- and data-dependent health insurance programs. As is often the case in the private sector, when it comes to making (political and legislative) commitments that rely upon well-thought-out data processing initiatives, agreeing to what might appear to be a modest, negotiated demand for a seemingly-benign issue such as more stringent income verification might very well deliver up a program with massive delays that inadvertently discriminates against those that the overall ACA effort was focused upon helping most—which is what the Tea Partiers have always wanted anyway–and exponential cost overruns, instead.

Dang those Tea Partiers! Income verification is all a nefarious plot to ruin Obama’s shiny Affordable Care Act.

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11 Comments on “We can trust folks …”

  1. roamingfirehydrant Says:

    Income verification is racist.

  2. Car in Says:

    You’re right. I forgot about that.

  3. Hotspur Says:

    What could go wrong?

  4. No Says:

    Chew on your little income verification bone. It was already in the ACA anyway. Losers.

  5. PCachu Says:

    Sadly, No, that is true. It’s difficult to believe that anything sent through the legislature will actually be enacted so long as His Majesty the King declares that the law is nothing more than what his whimsy will allow. And, being dim as you are, I’m sure you have no problem with that, so long as the present King remains on his throne.

  6. No Says:

    You are ridiculous. Obama is no more a king than Bush was. You had the chance to vote him out, but you failed. He will be out in 3 years. A king doesn’t have term limits.

  7. Car in Says:

    If you read the daily Kos piece, it explains – rather clearly -why it isn’t in there. So no. It’s not. And that’s coming from your side.

    As for the “vote him out” mantra you guys seem so fond of, let’s return to the Bush years. I don’t remember you guys sitting on your hands, sighing “well, it’s the law of the land” and “we’ll just have to vote him out” . So it’s bullshit for you to say it now.

    People don’t merely sit and TAKE things. This is our country. We are not plebes to be ruled by Washington.

  8. agiledog Says:

    Obama is no more a king than Bush was.

    True, Obama is not a king, because a king has some claim to his throne: heredity, won by force of arms, etc.. Obama is a tyrant, and a petty one at that, such as directing his minions to make the shutdown hurt as much as possible for his subjects, or deciding which laws or parts of laws his people will obey, and which they’ll ignore.

    Remember, you progtards said it best: Dissent is the highest form of patriotism!

  9. No Says:

    LOL! Did you expect Obama to help with your terroristic shutdown? (rhetorical) You really are stupid.

  10. agiledog Says:

    He did help with the shutdown. He helped show just what a mean, petty man he is.

  11. agiledog Says:

    You really are stupid.

    Oh, and more of that “civility” Dictator Obama ordered, I see. Civility for me, but not for thee?

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