A Glimpse Of Our Coming Apocalypse

Folks on EBT down in Louisiana showed that they can behave just as “well” as politicians given unfettered access to the public trough.

They stole.

Now, just wait a second. Let’s review something. EBT, and the like, are an “entitlement.”

entitlement |enˈtītlmənt|
the fact of having a right to something

They have a RIGHT to that stuff, so it can’t be stealing.

The thesaurus gives me some synonyms: prerogative, claim; permission, dispensation, privilege.

So what happens when the non-producers have an opportunity to show their moral character when faced with system breakdown?


When society breaks down, don’t count on the least among us stepping up to the plate to do the honorable thing. That picture, right there, says it all.

They had permission. A claim on that food they took. Matt Walsh:

In the movies, the looting usually starts weeks into a zombie apocalypse. In reality, it happened 20 minutes into a temporary food stamp malfunction.

Yep. Moral decay is already there, so the breakdown of society will be immediate. It won’t take weeks. It will be immediate. Because these people have been “stealing” our food already.

Middle class families are forced to watch as food is taken from the mouths of their children and given to others, in an elaborate political scheme to breed dependence and ensure a loyal voting base. If we’re OK with that, why shouldn’t we be OK with what happened at a few Walmarts this past weekend? Sure, YOU can’t walk into your local supermarket and take things off the shelves, but YOU aren’t entitled. Only certain people are entitled, and the government decides who those people are. Don’t you get it?

You should read the whole thing, but this is where he gets to the crux:

Government redistribution schemes are not forces of charity and love, and that’s evidenced by the fact that they don’t breed an attitude of humility and gratitude. I’ve put money into a homeless man’s cup on many occasions, and never once has he yelled at me for not giving him enough. That’s because he’s grateful and thankful for what he’s received. Yet anytime you suggest reasonable and necessary cuts to entitlements, you’ll be greeted with anger, vitriol and hatred. That’s because entitlements encourage people to buy into the illusion that they are “owed” other people’s money. Far from engendering gratitude, they blatantly and explicitly encourage feelings of entitlement, which is the opposite of gratitude. Is that what Jesus wanted?

Because they are entitled. To our money. To the fruit of our labor.

Charles C W Cooke also has a bit to say on this event:

Uttering what has become the most widely reprinted quote from the scene, a witness told local television station KSLA that stealing food when presented with the opportunity was a “natural human” reaction. If this is true, it should serve as an indictment of the society that Washington, D.C., has created, and of the vastness of a government that has disconnected so many people from the real world. We are not talking here about a moral grey area, in which starving people saw and took a rare chance to feed themselves. Instead, we are talking about people who, over and above their normal allowance, elected to steal from the millions of people from whose paychecks the food-stamp program’s funds are forcibly taken — and on whose beneficence they rely.

Indeed, even if the behavior was the product of “human nature,” merely stating this is the case does not inoculate one from the consequences. The best governments and institutions are those designed by people who recognize the contours of man’s constitution. But to recognize human nature is not necessarily to indulge it, and the people who elected to steal when afforded the opportunity should be punished by the system for having done so, as would be any other thief.

I’ve got a great idea – if an individual used last weekends event to STEAL (or, as Matt Walsh would say, steal even MORE) food from their neighbors and the taxpayers, they should be immediately kicked off the program.

You are a thief. Feed yourself, asshole. If your children starve, it’s your own fault.

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4 Comments on “A Glimpse Of Our Coming Apocalypse”

  1. I was reading Father Leo Patalinhug’s comments to his question on FB regarding this, and though many were grateful for Walmart’s generosity, quite a few actually accused Walmart of being the greedy one in this scenario. Why? Because Walmart KNEW the gov’t was going to pay them back for anything these people “bought” over their limits. They have been taught to find fault in every act of generosity.

  2. Car in Says:

    I don’t know what to think of Walmart’s actions in this situation, to be honest.

  3. Steve B Says:

    This is why I don’t mind when people want to give me grief about being a “prepper.” Just look what happened in New Orleans. It doesn’t take much for social order to break down when you have a large portion of society that feels they are “owed” something, and throw a fit when they don’t get it. If they rate it, if they deserve it, if they are owed it, then they’ll have not problem justifying TAKING it if it’s not readily available to them. Which is why if and when it all goes south, you better be able to hold out for a week or more, and be able to defend what you’ve got.

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