Stay With Me For A Minute …

And I’ll tell you the story of Jarean Blake.

Blake was 17-years-old when he was shot dead outside of a convenience store on the East side of Detroit back in 2010.

He looked like he could have been Obama’s son.


Chauncy Owens was the man who gunned him down.

Prosecutors and witnesses testified that Owens was involved in a verbal confrontation with Blake over a stare before promising revenge and returning later with a gun.

Blake looked at Owens wrong, so Owens killed him.

But stay with me.

Because this is where it gets interesting: Owens lived with his girlfriend and her family. Including a man named Charles Jones, who was ALSO placed at the scene of the crime where Blake was shot. Both Owens and Charles have “extensive criminal pasts.”

Police raided the home where this model family lived to arrest the murder suspect, but during the raid, 7-year-old Aiyana Jones, daughter to Charles Jones, was accidentally killed when an officer’s gun discharged. The officer was recently on trial, which resulted in a hung jury.

NOW, we get to the story I want to tell.

There was a rally for Trayvon Martin in Detroit a few days ago, where hundreds attended. Including Mertilla Jones, grandmother to Aiyana Jones. Mother to Charles Jones, and who was present in the house during the raid where her granddaughter was killed.

Mertilla Jones was housing a murderer in her home. Surrounding her granddaughter with criminals. Putting her in harm’s way.

Mertilla Jones was one of the rally speakers. Jones, grandmother of Aiyana Jones who was shot and killed on May 16, 2010 when police raided her home in search of murder suspect Chauncey Owens, said the verdict is a travesty, just like her granddaughter’s death.

“I’m out here to fight any way, you know, for the other Aiyanas that’s to come because it ain’t stop at just my grand baby,” she told the crowd. “I’m out here for the fight. I’m out here for the long run.

Really? She’s out for the fight, while she raised a criminal, and allowed a murderer under the same roof as her granddaughter? A criminal who killed another child – a 17 year-old-boy who looked at him “wrong.”

I’ve got an idea, Mertilla Jones, why don’t you take the good fight back to your hood. Clean house. If you hadn’t had criminals in your home, your granddaughter would be alive.

And why wasn’t Aiyana’s dad at the rally? Oh, perhaps because he’s the fella that gave Chauncy the gun to kill 17-year-old Blake.

Selective outrage. The elephant is in the room, but no one cares.

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2 Comments on “Stay With Me For A Minute …”

  1. Douglas Ian Says:

    I’m not sure, but I think this entire post is racist. Including the punctuation. Perhaps especially the punctuation.

  2. Car in Says:

    It’s not racist – otherwise it would be in cursive.

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