What has Detroit’s City Counsel President Charles Pugh been up to?

Let’s visit the way-back machine; a piece by Time when he was running for office.

In some respects, Pugh has already made his mark on Detroit. Pugh’s rise in this majority-black city moderates some of the popular perception that African Americans are more homophobic than the general U.S. population. On the campaign trail, Pugh rarely discusses what it means to be gay, although some of his critics have made an issue of his sexuality — particularly his unabashed preference for younger men. (Pugh notes that his last partner was a 23-year-old entrepreneur, and says, “No one complains when an older man dates a younger woman.”)

Younger men. I’m sure it was nothing untoward.

Wednesday, 12:30PM: WXYZ publishes quotes from an exclusive interview with an anonymous Detroit mother who says she is concerned by “secret gifts” Pugh gave her 18-year-old son, one of a group of high-school students he said he mentored. While both Pugh and the son reportedly denied that any misconduct occurred, Pugh was overheard calling the mother via speakerphone during the interview. “Will you please not do the interview?” he reportedly asked. “Because I won’t be able to work in this town, I won’t be able to do anything.”

You’re homophobic if you find anything suspicious in that statement. And possibly racist.

Wednesday, June 26, 4:45 PM: WDIV aired a press conference with an unnamed Metro Detroit attorney who is representing the mother and teenage boy. The attorney says that Pugh had an “inappropriate relationship” with the young man while he was 17 years old and a senior at the Frederick Douglass Academy. A lawsuit appears to be forthcoming.

And where is Pugh? Still MIA.

My, how the mighty fall. Perhaps Obama could give Pugh a call of support?


In 2009 President Barack Obama declared June, “LGBT (LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL, AND TRANSGENDER) Pride Month”. This year Detroit’s own City Council president, Charles Pugh was invited. Days ago Pugh received the invitation last week and announced its arrival to his Facebook fans, which spread the word rather quickly.

Excuse me for finding all this very amusing.

More background:

Although Pugh earned a generous living as a reporter, his three-story home near downtown was foreclosed shortly before taking office. But his closet was stocked with designer clothes and shoes – an expensive, contemporary collection he liked to show off. As council president, he made $77,000 a year and receives health care, a pension, a city-owned car filled up with city-paid gas and a city-issued cell phone.

And, since he was prezzi, he’d found time for self-improvement:

Over the past two years, Pugh shed weight under an intense workout and diet regime, and came to work in new suit jackets and bow ties. Despite growing fear about the city’s future in March last year, Pugh released a lengthy weight-loss video in which he often displayed his chiseled abs and chest.

But let’s not forget, that he was concerned about the youth. The young male youths.

Still, he said, he felt like he was making a difference as a mentor for kids. Pugh created the Male Leadership Academy at the Frederick Douglass Academy and met weekly with high school students.

I’m going to assume that he met weekly with MALE high school students.


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4 Comments on “Heh”

  1. agiledog Says:

    I’m sure he was supporting all those young men – from behind!

    Sorry, it is an inappropriate relationship given the ages, regardless of the gender/orientation of either party.

  2. Colorado Alex Says:

    Come now, Car in. You know that we can’t hold gay men to the same standards as straight men. That would discriminatory.

  3. Car in Says:

    Of course – the gender issue aside- the age issue is the MOST concerning. I worry, because I believe that sexual confusion at a young age can be influential on their future. As in – they MUST be gay because they felt funny in their swimsuit area.

    The “amusing” part- to me – is that we hold such people on a pedestal BECAUSE they are gay. He was a newscaster, with questionable financial judgement. But because he was 1) “famous” 2) black and 3) gay he was a shoe-in to be city counsel president w/o complete vetting. Kinda like the POTUS. Can’t touch those protected minorities, or your raccccis.

    But, he narcissism that became apparent once Pugh was in office ….
    I just find the entire thing extremely amusing, which makes me a homophobe and a racist. It’s a two-fer.

    If people wouldn’t give “special status” to preferred minorities, perhaps we (and by “we” I mean the media) could vet them properly.

  4. Steve B Says:

    I really hate this “magical negro” stuff. Of course now it’s the “Magical Gay” or better yet, the “Magical Gay Minority.” Who can do no wrong, who will heal the wrongs committed by the straight patriartchal Anglos. Blah blah blah. The Untouchables. Heh. Now if only those high school kids were as untouchable. Badoomp.

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