FIAF- All Is Well Edition/updated

So, imagine if you will. You make it through four years of the U.S. Naval Academy. You’re finally graduating.

And TFG shows up to deliver the commencement address.

They most likely will be forced to be a captive, and polite, audience. Brave on, young men and women. My thoughts are with you.


Do you need your information spoon fed to you in nice, neat little pieces? Do you find Jon Stewart to be both hilarious, and informing? Than you may be a LIV.

Obama has long believed that you LIV need everything spoon fed to you by his storytelling. When the public disagrees with him, it’s simply because he hasn’t found the right story to tell.

And the reason there isn’t enough outrage regarding the scandals in Washington? Because it simply doesn’t fit into a story.

One of the president’s defenders, the New Republic’s Noam Scheiber, was asked recently whether the multiple scandals engulfing the administration would have “legs.” He didn’t think so. The scandals lack a common “narrative,” he explained.

Well, it *could* fit into a nice little story I could tell.

One dark and stormy night [inserted for dramatic effect, I don’t recall the weather on election night 2008], a man without experience and with Marxist leanings was elected to the highest office in the United States. So determined he was to proceed with his progressive agenda, he didn’t care if it hurt the little people, or was Constitutional. Like all good Marxists, all that really mattered was that he, and his friends, remained in power. In addition, he was so tied to his ideology that the new President didn’t really care if what he implemented (Obamacare, for example) actually did what he claimed it would do (lower costs, increase coverage – both of which are a lie). No, only intentions mattered. So when people got in his way, or threaten to expose him, he used the power of government to shut them up. The Fed. The IRS. The EPA. He rewarded his friends, and punished his enemies.

The end.

Of course, I prefer that people would learn the details, or STFU with their stupid memes on facebook.

[updated right here in the middle, but I just came across this]

More on storytelling and why we know so little about what occurred the night of the Benghazi attack.

When the White House has a good story to tell, we hear about it. As Boston Herald columnist Michael Graham points out, the president has been in constant evidence responding to the Moore, Okla., tornado. The White House blog on Wednesday informed us, among many other things, that the president spoke to Mayor Glenn Lewis and Gov. Mary Fallin “to reiterate that he had directed his administration to provide all available resources to support the response led by the governor and her team.”
The Osama bin Laden raid will be one of the most documented episodes of his presidency. Immediately after killing bin Laden, Obama gave a long, detailed interview to “60 Minutes.”

For that one, we even got pictures. From the Situation room.

He talked about what information the CIA first brought him about bin Laden’s location and what orders he gave in response. When the planning began and how it proceeded. How involved he was in multiple meetings in the Situation Room. Every nuance of his thinking. The dynamic of the debate among his advisers. The mood in the Situation Room during the operation. And on and on.

For Benhazi (who?) we get …

MEMO TO PUBLIC – if you are a facebook friend of mine, and you post a stupid political meme? I’m going to call you on it. You can cry all you want about not wanting to “argue” on facebook, but YOU inflected your opinion on me, and so I’m gonna wave some facts in your direction.

I dare ONE LIV to read VDH’s article.

The opening sums it up pretty well.

Government is now so huge, powerful, and callous that citizens risk becoming virtual serfs, lacking the freedoms guaranteed by the Founders.

Hyperbole? Nope.

The problem with a powerful rogue government is not just that it becomes quite adept at doing what it should not. Increasingly, it also cannot even do what it should.


In all of these abuses and laxities there is one common theme. Bureaucrats, political appointees, regulators, intelligence officials, and law-enforcement personnel wanted to fall in line with the perceived politically correct agenda of the day. Right now, that party line seems to include protecting the progressive interests of the Obama administration, going after its critics, turning a blind eye toward illegal abortions, ignoring warnings about radical Islam, and restricting the right to free speech in order to curtail language declared potentially hurtful.

Nothing to worry about at all, folks. Bush did it too. Every politician does it.

Did I leave any excuse out?

Happy Place-

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