Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi

Keep saying the name,even if you have to explain to LIV where it is and what happened there (and you will).

I hope this guy is right about the gathering storm of Benghazi ruining Hillary Clinton’s presidency hopes, and crippling Obama’s remaining time in office. We’ve gotten our hopes up before, but the press will cover for Obama, and Hillary’s lied before and gotten way with it …

That’s because, right from the jump, the administration has been lying through its teeth about what happened on the night of Sept. 11, 2012 — the eleventh anniversary of 9/11, as it happens. It transparently lied about the Mohammad video, threw the scapegoated filmmaker in jail (where, last time I looked, he still is), and convened a bogus “accountability” board to whitewash the whole damn thing so as not to disrupt the precious Narrative that Osama was dead and al-Qaeda was on the run.

It was all a lie, of course, and some of us knew it at the time. I wrote about it repeatedly on the Post’s Op-Ed page: you can find examples here, here and here. In this case, however, what happened in Benghazi, Foggy Bottom, the White House, and the Obama re-election campaign headquarters in Chicago was (as the saying going) worse than a crime: it was a blunder. And that blunder may now bring down the man who never should have been president in the first place, for grotesque dereliction of his duty as commander-in-chief[.]

But Obama couldn’t be bothered at the time, because 1) it didn’t fit one of the narratives he using in his re-election run and 2) he had a big fundraiser the next day and needed his beauty sleep (Hey, can I just eat my waffle?)

And hell is what is coming, one way or the other, because this time — unlike the Clinton impeachment — the big dogs are in play, in the form of hordes of very pissed-off special ops agents, patriotic spooks, forcibly retired generals and clandestine operatives who know where the bodies are buried. If the Obama administration turned its back on Chris Stevens and the three other brave Americans who died that day for crass political purposes — and, worse, if it let them die as collateral damage in its own gunrunning operation to Syria — the men and women who stand watch for this country all through the night are going to come out of the shadows, quickly.

Worse than Watergate.

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34 Comments on “Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi”

  1. Cathy Says:

    I only want the truth here. It has been my prayer since hearing the ugly facts about this one, that the truth will come out in full force and that most Americans will become sickened with the corruption and control in Washington. I figure if all hell breaks loose with this issue, then maybe, just maybe, we will avoid something worse. There is a tipping point. It is coming. I believe something will happen to bring this regime down.

  2. Blip Says:

    Yawn. You can’t make a mountain out of this molehill.

  3. Car in Says:

    Yawn. And Watergate was over some stolen papers.

    Only four people died. What’s the fuckin deal?

  4. Blip Says:

    Keep fuckin’ that chicken.

  5. Cathy Says:

    Ever wonder why they let these guys die? I think they were doing something that they wanted kept secret — like running guns — like Fast and Furious. I think they let them die because the deal went bad. …Okay. Yea…Yawn. Whatever. Nothing to see here. Move on. Move on.

  6. Blip Says:

    They died because bad stuff happens in scary parts of the world. You fringies have been trying for half a year to get your crazy conspiracy theories to stick. They didn’t. Now you’re just chicken fuckin’. But you keep doin’ it. It’s amusing.

  7. agiledog Says:

    “fringies”? Putting your best foot forward, right from the start, I see.

    So, Blip, is it your opinion then that this was just a protest over a video that got out of hand?

  8. Cathy Says:

    I read that video only had about 40K views when the administration found it and threw that silly guy under the bus. That’s not significant enough to cause a stir. And I watched the video. It was kinda lame but I give the guy credit for trying. There is nothing wrong with wondering about clear inconsistencies in the story from the left. I’m not bothered by Blip’s attempts because his use of raunchy language in his criticism reveals some needy stuff… *waves at agiledog*

  9. agiledog Says:

    Good morning, Cathy. * waves back.

    Blip is echoing Hillary’s point exactly: What difference does it make?

    Here’s a clue for you, Blip: An American Ambassador was killed – the first time in several decades, and the “reason” that this administration gave for the violence has since been shown to be a known falsehood. So hat IS a mountain, not a molehill.

  10. Car in Says:

    Blip is throwing a shiny penny on the debate- ignoring the facts; and his entire argument is “who cares.” He isn’t addressing it at all.

    My guess is that he has a weak understanding of the facts (how often has John Stewert even brought it up) so to HIM it is no big deal.

    The government lied to you. Who cares?
    Four people died. who cares?
    They could have acted to save American lives, but politics came first. Who cares?

    It’s honestly too stupid to interact with.

  11. Blip Says:

    Watching Issa’s committee. Nothing new here, just as I suspected. All just a rehash. But keep fuckin’ that chicken.

  12. agiledog Says:

    One last chance at attempted debate, Blip: What are the facts that are being rehashed at this hearing?

    Did an American Ambassador die?
    Was the violence an attack or a protest?
    What was the cause of the attack/protest?
    What actions did President Obama take when he learned a consulate was under attack?

  13. Blip Says:

    Asked (repeatedly), and answered (repeatedly). But you keep fuckin’ that chicken.

  14. agiledog Says:

    Where did you answer me? I see no statement of what you think are the facts involved, other than “people died”. Your refusal to engage in a debate reveals your lack of knowledge and honesty.

  15. Blip Says:

    My answers don’t matter. The administration has answered these questions, over and over. You just don’t like the answers. Keep fuckin’ that chicken.

  16. Car in Says:

    No it hasn’t Blip. Goebbels’ spirit is apparently alive and well.

    I have a question that hasn’t been asked and answered: Why did Jay Carney, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and the Obama administration repeatedly lie about the cause of the attack?

    Just answer that one question for us. Right here. Don’t say it’s been asked an answered. You just answer it here, right now.

  17. agiledog Says:

    In other words, you don’t have answers. I’m not on a blog with “The administration” – I’m here with you. Let’s here what you think. Or STFU.

  18. agiledog Says:

    Sorry – suppose to be “hear”, not “here”.

  19. agiledog Says:

    We haven’t had an opponent to debate in a while, Car in. I had hopes this one might provide some back and forth. Sadly, just another troll.

  20. agiledog Says:

    and the Obama administration repeatedly lie

    Let’s be specific here, Car in. Not the “administration”, but Obama himself lied about the video. Why did the POTUS lie to the American people shortly before his re-election? Or did I just answer my own question?

  21. Blip Says:

    Obama didn’t lie. He called them terrorists. Watch the Romney debate for verification. As for the others, they told the information they had at the time they had it. It was an evolving situation. Most Americans understand that. But you keep fuckin’ that chicken.

  22. Car in Says:

    Blip isn’t very well informed since we’ve had information tho the contrary. They knew, from the very beginning that it wasn’t about a video.

  23. Car in Says:

    Blip, repeat after me “I have no problem with the government lying to me for political purposes.”

    Then we can all be good, and then we can move on to whether or not the administration handled the crises properly.

    ANd please stop using that phrase, because it’s making it seem as if you have no other argument.

  24. Blip Says:

    I use the phrase repeatedly, because that’s what this Behghazi witch hunt is…an unrelenting repetition of nonsense for political purposes (talk about being lied to by your government). But you keep fuckin’ that chicken.

  25. agiledog Says:

    He has no argument, Car in, which is why he uses that phrase.

    I said nothing about Obama calling them terrorist. I am talking about them all claiming it was a video that started this, when they knew, AT THE TIME of the attack, that this had nothing to do with the video. They lied. They lied repeatedly. They lied knowingly. They lied poorly. They lied.

    And you’re okay with that. We aren’t.

  26. blip Says:

    I’m not ok with it. I do think it’s a small matter in the grand scheme of things. It’s a molehill, not a mountain, and a huge waste of resources. It won’t bring down the administration. But, you keep fuckin’ that chicken.

  27. agiledog Says:

    I’m not ok with it.

    So you acknowledge that the President, the Secretary of State, and the US Ambassador to the UN all lied: to the media, to the public, to the families of those who died (to their faces, in fact), and yet you think that is “a small matter”. You are despicable.

    Seems to me like the fucking going on around here is the Administration fucking the American public. And you are standing there cheering them on.

  28. Cathy Says:

    Considering… 1) FOUR Americans are dead, with the Ambassador sodomized, 2) the Administration CLEARLY lied to us, 3) liberals keep telling us WE are making a big deal out of it, 4) a lot has been tried to keep people from testifying, and 5) that silly filmmaker dude is STILL in prison… Nope. I smell something very bad.

    Chickens getting fucked? Nope. Let me correct that: It was our Ambassador who was fucked mercilessly. I don’t think he was a chicken…

  29. Blip Says:

    There were bad decisions, certainly. I’ll leave the crazy conspiracy theories to you fine people. The committee today was as exciting as Fonzie’s shark jump, or maybe Geraldo’s Vault. I’ll await the impeachment with baited breath. In the meantime…

    Y’all Keep Fuckin’ That Chicken!


  30. agiledog Says:


    Thank goodness. His stupidity was only exceeded by his rudeness.

    That phrase. I do not think it means what you think it means.

  31. Cathy Says:

    Folks like him like to see themselves as intelligent observers and critics of others. If they would only look in that effin’ mirror and see their own arrogance and laziness and own it, we’d all be better off.

  32. PCachu Says:

    Yeah, you keep fuckin’ that “keep fuckin’ that chicken” chicken, Blippy-boo. Ignorance is its own reward, after all.

    The really sad thing is? Under the snotty junior-high-level ‘tude, he tangentially strikes a deeply-depressing point. With the ever-loyal Poodle Press running perpetual interference on behalf of the Jug-Eared Failure and his Petty-Tyrant Bureaucracy, there’s a good chance that the easily-preventable death of a US Ambassador will carry nowhere near the consequences it should. So long as the Palace Guard Media use their unearned megaphone to declare that this worse-than-Watergate betrayal is a big fat nothingburger, Bam-Bam and the Hildebeast are totally going to skate. Who’s going to hold them to account, really? Harry the Bald-Faced Liar? John the Oompa-Loompa? Holder’s Department of Transparently-Racist Social Justice? Sure, they’ll never hear the end of it from Ted Cruz, but you can see the JournoLapdogs already working hard to Palinize him.

    …Man. At least now I understand why every Protein Wisdom post about national politics is an extended treatise on despair for what our nation has become.

  33. Jay in Ames Says:

    I wonder if this would have been a “big deal” if it was George Bush that did it, instead of Barack Obama.

    I know it would be with me. Honestly. Also, if Mitt Romney had done it, it would be a big deal with me.

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