What Communism? Where?

May Day, otherwise known as Workers Day, was a few days ago, and it’s always fun to watch folks dance around the fine line of merely celebrating “workers” versus going full-throated communist.

I mean, can’t a person merely admire the aesthetics of Soviet Agitprop? What’s not to love?

On facebook, in celebration of May Day, an old friend posted a picture from 1933.


Yea, some of them were socialists, and even communists, she argued, but the movement faded, and she just really enjoyed the minimalists energy of it all.

Also to be admired from the movement, was the alignment between Jews and blacks in the pursuit of equality an civil rights.

That was all part of the useful idiot aspect of the movement; cloaking the communist ideology behind movements targeted at specific populations. The jews and blacks were united for “freedom and equality” underneath the banner of a hammer and sickle. And if you don’t get the irony of that …

Fast forward to today’s useful idiots.

The jews are now a target, of course:

Predictably, Schumer’s co-religionists are scorned, too. “Smash the Jews,” one guy with anarchist patches on his jacket shouts. “Terrorists!” (A guy from Breitbart, who almost started a brawl for defending Israel amid the maelstrom, had his camera rolling, so hopefully he caught this.)

Communism co-opts what ever civil rights argument it believes will advance it’s agenda. Civil rights in the 30’s for blacks and Jews.Black power in the 60’s and 70’s. Feminism. Gay rights. And now immigration. It can all be used by communists.

The protest is billed as a “Unified Rally for Immigrant Rights & Worker Rights,” and the transnational crowd is out in full force. “The rally will be a mix of speakers and entertainment drawing attention to the struggles and victories of labor unions, workers, immigrants and the 99%,” promised Occupy’s website. It didn’t disappoint. “No to E-Verify” chants the Socialist Workers Campaign, which is supporting its own member, Dan Fein, for mayor. Next to the subway station, the Workers World Party flies its flag: “La Lucha Obrera No Tiene Fronteras!” (“There are no borders in the workers’ struggle”). A series of speakers explain that they are illegal immigrants and feel oppressed by America’s “unfair laws” and “racist deportation.”

“May Day” is a celebration of these things- not a “study”, and I guess I just don’t see the reason to celebrate communist propaganda from the 30’s.

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