Poating will continue as scheduled …

Lee Habeeb has a genius idea:

So what can we do about this perfect storm of factors leading America down the path to becoming Disability Nation? Here’s an idea: Identify all the unemployed recent college graduates across the country, and have them follow around all the people collecting disability, and see how many are doing things like fishing. Or hunting. Or doing off-the-books work. And pay the graduates a bounty for each scammer they out.

In addition to making some extra money and saving taxpayers even more, those young graduates will learn just how corrosive a well-intentioned federal program can become. They’ll learn that people respond to incentives, and if you make not working pay about as much as working, and throw in lifetime medical benefits, you’ll get some bad outcomes. They’ll learn that because of those incentives — and the work of trial lawyers — many able-bodied citizens who should be working and contributing to our society are instead stealing from it.

Of course, the graft in SSD is a feature, not a bug. *whisphers* Democrat voters for life *whispers*

Obama is a big fat lying liar. I know you’re shocked.

During the president’s news conference on the 100th day of his second term, he rebutted suggestions that the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. “Obamacare,” in the coming year might face problems. He made the argument that most Americans — “the 85 to 90 percent of Americans who already have health insurance” — will not notice anything but better health care, such as coverage for children under the age of 26 and no restrictions because of preexisting conditions.

He added that the impact will be felt instead by “that small group of people — 10 to 15 percent of Americans; now, it’s still 30 million Americans, but relatively a narrow group — who don’t have health insurance right now or are on the individual market and are paying exorbitant amounts for coverage that isn’t that great.”

Huh. Wasn’t it a 30 million number that started THIS WHOLE FUCKING THING? That was the reason the government had to take control of health care. But now it’s a small group of people, and “isn’t that great?”


The 30 million number also ignores the scores of people who will most likely begin to lose their health insurance as they get priced out of the market (raises hand) or their employer drops coverage/reduces their hours to part-time so they do not qualify.


BiW said he may fisk this later this week, so I suppose I should leave the heavy lifting to him.

Just think what America would look like without its mostly Southern states. (We could retain “America”: they could call themselves “Smith & Wesson” or “Coca-Cola” or something like that.) Universal health care. No guns. Strong unions. A humane minimum wage. A humane immigration policy. High revenues from a fair tax structure. A massive public-works program. Legal gay marriage. A ban on carbon emissions. Electric cars. Stronger workplace protections. Extended family leave from work in case of pregnancy or illness. Longer unemployment benefits. In short, a society on a par with most of the rest of the industrialized world—a place whose politics have finally caught up with its social and economic realities.

But I don’t want to appear blindly partisan—a sundering of the union would make the other half of America equally fulfilled. The red-state republic could finally establish a theocracy in which the fundamentalist Christian church would legislate all the important aspects of civic life. It could either send its illegal and/or legal immigrants northward or reinstitute a reformed system of indenture whereby immigrants are purchased by bona fide citizens who have a fully modernized respect for private property. It could, taking the lead from the pioneering Kansas legislature, abolish the income tax, raising revenue from, for example, a “pay to work” program. It could ban abortion in all instances, including rape and incest, and use the growing population of orphans to establish an impressive standing army.

It *is* hilarious,but I couldn’t get a single liberal to bite of facedouche yesterday -so perhaps even they know how stupid it is.

*visits comments*

Ba haaa haaa haaa.

1 hour ago

Since they are talking secession and we need to protect ourselves in case they are serious I demand we start closing ALL military bases and defense contractors in the South and re-allocating those forces north of the Mason-Dixon line.

Because there are a ton of liberals manning the guns on the front lines, and working for defense contractors. The only libs in the military are support staff. They’d get the line cooks and mechanics, while the combat arms remained in the South.

Good luck with that.

Here’s another serious commenter:

Instead, the more prosperous liberal states need to band together and — either through legislation or force majure — deny all economic largesse to these states that are economic parasites, but arrogantly act as blocks to necessary reform. You want to be if the federal “tit”? Fine. Nothing from us in the prosperous liberal states. That starts with the next hurricane or other national disaster. The FBI ceases to do preventive intelligence work aimed at stopping terrorist attacks in your region. Numerous traffic delays for truck and rail shipments into your region.

At some point, your legislators will be changed by your own people to get relief.

Huh.They’re not commmies at all. No, not these fine folks.

It’s funny, because they want to talk about how the blue states are so prosperous, while the Red states are a net drain.

Let’s talk about California. And Texas.

And to pretend that liberally run cities are some sort of economic powerhouse – I give you Detroit. Which is about as BLUE as they come.

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2 Comments on “Poating will continue as scheduled …”

  1. JoblessGrad Says:

    Instead of outing scammers, we could pay grads to collect better data. This could influence better policies. This blog takes a look at the problem with the data. http://www.statisticsblog.com/2013/03/minding-the-reality-gap/

  2. Car in Says:

    I disagree that “better” data could influence better policies. We sorta know the reality of the current situation. If we are off by a few points – that doesn’t undercut the reality that economy stinks, people are making less, being laid off, etc. Current policy isn’t being driven by data, but by ideology. They are simply trying to make the “data” fit into their worldview. It’s like putting a circle in a square peg right now, but they’ve got the MSM pulling for them, so public sentiment isn’t a fraction as upset as they should be.

    As illustrated by what happened Last November.

    The politicians in charge are getting the data they want, and manipulating it as best they can.


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