Obama- Class Warrior. No, really.

It’s a little early in the morning for my head to assplode, but when I saw this headline, I assumed it was a joke:

Barack Obama, class warrior.

They were being tongue-in-cheek? Or ironic- like Alanais- because he ran as a “class warrior” but has done nothing but make things worse for the middle-class on down while living large on the taxpayer’s dime.

But no. They were serious. And this article is EVERYTHING that is wrong with politics. It explains how artfully Obama has presented himself as a class warrior. The optics, and the framing. “Messaging”.

For Obama, this spring’s fights over class represent both a political challenge and a definitional moment. His most consistent argument — that higher taxes on the well-to-do are the essential element in preserving popular government benefits to the middle-class and poor — is in tension with his most consistent promise, that his presidency will break Washington gridlock and elevate problem-solving over ideological purity.

All of that ^^^ is political bullshit. This is all about his political power, and winning some argument that cements HIS power, and fuck what happens to the rest of us.

In the Obama era, the calculation has changed — in part because his electoral coalition of reliable Democrats is now considerably larger than the traditional GOP base coalition. Of his main constituencies — including African-Americans and Hispanics, unionized workers and socially tolerant suburban women — nearly all are receptive to the argument that the interests of the rich are at odds with their own interests. Yet Democrats could pay a political price from these very constituencies if they don’t ultimately address the financing of programs their voters rely on for a decent quality of life.

Yes, see it’s all about their propaganda war to sway low-information-voters. People are losing their health insurance due to rising premiums, and Nancy Sebelius goes out and announces that the costs are falling. People are dropping out of the workforce, because they can’t find a job, but the White House says things are moving in the right direction. The new taxes are hurting EVERYONE, not just the wealthy, but they announce they’ve given tax breaks to everyone, including small businesses. Just lie. Who are you going to believe, Obama or your lying eyes?

The Obama administration is politics at it’s most crass.

Ayres recalled holding focus groups with Republicans of modest means who complained that “the Romneys didn’t have any intuitive understanding of the enormous struggles they were facing.

“These are people who need the $80 to $100 you get to spend two hours at a focus group,” said the pollster. “I remember one woman saying [of Ann Romney’s line]: ‘We struggled so hard we had to cash in some of our stock shares — how am I supposed to relate to that?’”

Republican reformers say it’s imperative that the party have a fresh message that directly addresses the challenges faced by Americans who would benefit little from a change in capital gains rates.

Yes, well what are you going to do with low-information-voters? Who don’t connect the fact that they are struggling AFTER FOUR YEARS OF OBAMA? And, who also don’t understand the economic of how capital gains affect the larger employment picture (who has money to hire, expand, or start a new business, etc). But the democrats just keep presenting the picture of Rich= hates poor people, and they follow along, never thinking through the idea of how many poor people have hired them, or given them a raise. Or how many poor people opened up a new factory or store, and put a ‘help wanted’ sign out front.

People have this nagging sense that something is deeply broken with Medicare and it needs to be fixed,” said Bennett. “But there is reluctance on the part of congressional Democrats to go along with something big on fiscal issues.”

Added Marshall: “We can’t keep pretending loading taxes on the rich is going to fill the funding gap on Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.”

Republicans are skeptical Democrats will deal with entitlements in a significant way anytime soon and forfeit their favorite tactic.

Because they don’t want to solve anything. They just want to keep their -own ass in Washington.

But just remember- Obama is our Class Warrior. Who golfs every weekend, weather permitting. Who vacations in Hawaii and Martha’s Vineyard, and sends his “class warrior” daughters on spring break to not only a luxury tropical island, but then out West skiing as well! A two-fer.

Who flies a personal trainer into DC from Chicago for his workouts, and has a food taster. Who’s been flying around on AF1, while the economy struggles, to give mostly political speeches. Who has gala parties in the White House for the rich and famous.

A class warrior, that’s who.

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3 Comments on “Obama- Class Warrior. No, really.”

  1. Cathy Says:

    i keep praying for a tipping point. I believe it will happen. We won’t control it. It will happen when he rubs too many low-information voters the wrong way and they wake up and realize what a lying sack of shit this guy is. I can hope, can’t I?

  2. agiledog Says:

    He IS a class warrior – he is promoting and fighting a class warfare.

  3. Car in Says:

    Yes, Cathy. You can hope. I do too.

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