Obama doesn’t really care about black-on-black violence

Today’s must read: Guns and Race by Steve Sailer.

With gun control, murder, and race much in the news, it’s worth noting that the Obama Administration has solved its longstanding problem that, according to the federal Bureau of Justice Statistics, blacks commit the majority of homicides in the US.

How did the Obama administration do this?

Initially, the Obama Administration dealt with the difficulty that blacks were committing murder so much more often than whites by not updating the Homicide Trends website. For years, BJS’ Web page was stuck on 2005.

But that only worked so well, because even the 2005 numbers didn’t represent so well.

No, rather than solve the problem of blacks committing a disparate number of murders, the Obama Administration has instead deleted the offending Web page. Now, when you type http://bjs.gov/homicide/race.htm into your browser, you get “This webpage is not available.” (It is still archived here.)


But please, read the whole thing here because there is more.

Wait, maybe you shouldn’t. Because the facts presented seem sorta racist and h8ty.

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2 Comments on “Obama doesn’t really care about black-on-black violence”

  1. agiledog Says:

    The facts don’t fit the narrative, therefore, they must not be the facts, or done away with.

    Makes that whole torpid sword guy mentioned over at Jeff’s place all the more stupid, doesn’t it?

  2. Car in Says:

    What do you expect from a pron writer?

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