So, what’s TFG doing today?

Oh. Right. Partying.

Sequester what? Not the Obama lifestyle.

Obama’s right to vacation how he chooses shall not be infringed.

How does the president justify lavish vacations and a golf trip to Florida at taxpayer expense and does he plan to cut back on his travel?” a reporter from Colorado asked after noting the high unemployment rate among minorities and the furloughs that federal employees face under sequester.

“I can tell you that this president is focused every day on policies that create economic growth and help advance job creation,” Carney replied. “We certainly do not need to embrace economic policies that shift the entire burden of deficit reduction on senior citizens, middle class families, and Medicare recipients.”

Short answer? No. He does NOT plan to limit himself in any way, especially since he is not longer running for office.


Personally, I haven’t been out to dinner with my husband since … last Spring? Besides a few weekends skiing LAST WINTER, we haven’t vacationed in years. I haven’t been to Martha’s Vineyard, or Aspen, or to New York for a fancy dinner.

My husband works 7 days a week and I work 5 or 6. We no longer can afford health care.

But Obama took a $1 million dollar golf weekend, while his wife and daughters went skiing.

Gas has shot up to $3.95 locally, and our housing prices haven’t recovered. Food is more expensive, as does energy and just about everything else.

None of my unemployed friends have found jobs, and I’m waiting tables.

Hope and Change.

But let’s focus on gay marriage. THAT’s important.

And you know what Jay Carney? Obama SUCKS at focusing “on policies that create economic growth and help advance job creation.”

Besides, looking at today’s schedule, I don’t know when he’s got it penciled it to focus on economic growth and job creation. *

9:45 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
10:30 am || Meets with Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny
Noon|| With Kenny, attends the annual St. Patrick’s Day Lunch on Capitol Hill
5:45 pm || Hosts a St. Patrick’s Day reception; East Room
7:45 pm || Departs the White House for Tel Aviv, Israel

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2 Comments on “WTF?”

  1. agiledog Says:

    But he works SOOOO hard, he needs his breaks! /sarc

    I was talking to a coworker last week – he doesn’t think the economy is in trouble, because he and his wife have jobs. What about the unemployment rate and number of people on food stamps, I asked? He didn’t know anything about those current indicators.

    BTW, Carin, don’t ever consider Martha’s Vineyard as a vacation spot. The fact that Obama goes there tells you exactly what you need to know about the attitude you’ll find there.

  2. Car in Says:

    Yea, the economy is just humming along. Assholes. Keep watching dancing with the stars. Today’s version of head in the sand.

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