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(And yes, this is the SECOND post from me today – I guess it’s been building up?)

Heather from comments :

I went to the pharmacy on Friday to fill a prescription for my son. He’s had it before, most recently filled in December, and it has always been a little over $12.00. This time it was $120.00 – ten times more! The pharmacy couldn’t give a reason, just that prices have gone up.

Well, Heather, apparently there is a shortage. I know this shocks you in the age of Hope and Change and Obamacare. The reason? From the four major manufacturers:

Mutual states the reason for the shortage is a raw material shortage.
Major, Watson and Heritage state the reason for the shortage is supply and demand.
Lannett, Mylan, Par, VersaPharm, and West-Ward could not provide a reason for the shortage.
Major discontinued most doxycycline presentations in February 2013.

More here:

Doctors use doxycycline to treat a wide range of issues, including everything from acne to Lyme disease, anthrax exposure and even heartworm in our pets.

However, the once cheap and effective drug has now dramatically gone up in price, and that has health professionals concerned.

Hospitals like Vanderbilt University Medical Center keep doxycycline in stock, but some folks worry the cure for their ailment could now be financially out of reach.

“It’s a change that occurred overnight,” said Vanderbilt pharmacy manager Michael O’Neil.

Not long ago, the pharmacy at Vanderbilt’s hospital could purchase a 50-count bottle of 100 mg doxycycline tablets for $10, but now the same bottle costs a staggering $250.

We can no longer afford our health insurance, or our drugs. Thank GOD Obama solved the health care crises.

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  1. Heather Says:

    I know exactly what you mean, Carin, about not being able to afford health insurance or medicines. I have had a personal insurance policy with a major insurance carrier since 1995. In the last four years, the premium on that policy has gone from a little less than $500 per month to exactly $1000 per month. I fear opening the mail from them every December, because that is when we find out what our new premium will be. I have a child with chronic medical issues and can’t afford to be without insurance. But my MIL tells me that Obamacare is going to solve all of that for us 🙂

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