FIAF- Sequester Edition

I haven’t written about American Idol in a long while, and I’m not really going to today, except to note that this guy:

Should do a Jeff Buckley song.

What say you?

Jeff Buckley makes me feel funny in my swimsuit area.


The bullies in the White House.

– My favorite overreaction to a media outlet, however, was one I first wrote about a few years ago after a small-town newspaper editor emailed me to say that the White House had asked her to remove a sentence that “reflected poorly” on First Lady Michelle Obama. The story was titled “Inside Marine One, President Obama’s Helicopter,” and according to the editor, it contained a single line that suggested Obama was somewhat aloof toward the chopper pilots. “Basically,” the editor said in her email, “the reporter said that the First Lady didn’t speak to the pilots but acknowledged them by making eye contact.” Shortly after the story went online, the editor received a call from the White House asking her to remove the sentence (she did). Shortly after my story went online, the White House called me, too (I added a denial from the First Lady’s office to my story, but didn’t remove or retract anything we’d already published).

Michelle Obama is the most wonderful person in American. Just read her tweets if you don’t believe me.

Sequester facts to quickly memorize for the coming days when the liberals start freaking out and blaming Republicans.


Note to my husband – Please, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, don’t give my dog a bone at night again. Not only did that dog get us up FOUR times during the night to go potty, but the farts this morning are killing me.

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