Oscar Round-up!

Yea, as if I watched that.

Hollywood produces mostly crap, and the idea that they deserve golden statues, and all the accolades, is ridiculous. They don’t really produce anything, and they hardly even entertain us.

And then there are the Hollywood tax breaks. Did any of those people there last night look like they needed a tax break?

American Thinker on Hollywood’s hypocrisy.

Hollywood stars routinely tout the virtues of the little guy battling the rich and powerful. They are legendary in their support for the income-leveling agenda of Barack Obama-while enjoying a sybaritic lifestyle (multiple houses, servants, nannies to act as proxy parents, chauffeurs) that make them the 1% of the 1%. They have access to private planes (John Travolta has a veritable air fleet) to avoid long lines and exposure to the hoi polloi at airports.

They, along with Barack Obama, say ONE thing, but then do another. Not only with their high-rolling lifestyle. I’m referring to the nepotism.

So many times when I drag myself to a movie — hoping against hope that they will be as enjoyable as they formerly were — I find myself disappointed. I often find that some of the key people involved in the waste of celluloid are relatives of the powers-that-be in Hollywood.

Scott Caan, currently starring in Hawaii Five-0, is the son of James Caan. Josh Brolin is the son of actor James Brolin (married to Barbara Streisand). Did family ties promote their careers? The honor roll who have either benefited from nepotism themselves or have unfairly benefited family members is extensive — the Fonda siblings, Kate Hudson, Kiefer Sutherland, Drew Barrymore, the previously mentioned Obama fan George Clooney (aunt was Rosemary Clooney), Rob Reiner, Tim Robbins, Martin Sheen (the last three critics of America for being so “unjust”), and many more.

The hypocrisy is palpable.

But, obviously, the best of the best spring forth from the loins of Hollywood royalty.


More here to explain why today’s movies (and perhaps music) sucks.

So you’re wondering why (American) movies have been going down the toilet in recent years. There are several reasons, but perhaps the most negative impact stems from the exponentially growing nepotism. It is difficult to find a recent movie in which more than a half of the cast members didn’t have influential parents/relatives/friends in the industry before they got their foot in the movie door. (Ditto the film crews).

The list focuses almost solely on actors and directors – hence it doesn’t even take into consideration the vast number of bad scripts that have been a result of nepotistic infiltration! Nor does it include the plethora of nepotistic offspring that had appeared only in several smaller roles in fairly meaningless productions. You can click on the bio of just about any better-known actor older than 45 and you’ll find that at least half of them have kids who are either actors, producers, or working in film crews.

Clicky to see the list.

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One Comment on “Oscar Round-up!”

  1. LizzyTish Says:

    They just don’t make ’em like Ronald Reagan anymore.

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