Just something I found sorta interesting …

David Thompson:

It’s rather like when George’s colleague Zoe Williams wanted us to believe that the problem with ‘problem families’ is simply that they’re poor. The kind of people who terrorise their (equally poor) neighbours, who let their kids run wild, or who throw pets from tenth floor windows are, she says, being “shunted out of society for not being rich enough.” For Zoe, who is of course much more enlightened than us, their behaviour doesn’t count.

This being in response to an article, by Williams who is upset that the poor are being unfavorable lumped in with those that met five of the following seven criteria:”earning a low income; nobody in the family working; poor housing; parents with no qualifications; the mother having a mental health problem; one parent with a longstanding illness or disability; and the family unable to afford basics including food and clothes.”

To identify people by these measures, is to accuse them of criminality. Or something.

I believe the ulterior motive is the demonisation of the poor, with the aim, in the long run, of simply slicing off these families at the bottom of what we think of as “society”. Thereafter, terms like “fairness” and “empathy” and “all in this together” can be bandied around pretty freely, because the evidence of their extinction will no longer exist. The problem families won’t count – because they severed the social contract with their criminality and un-neighbourliness.

Uhm … problem families have severed the social contract if they’ve been criminal and/or un-neighborly.

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One Comment on “Just something I found sorta interesting …”

  1. In Victimerica, EVERYTHING negative, unfavorable, bad, or undesirable is the fault of the RICH!

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