Rachel Madcow is an idiot


Because of teh racism, you see.

She links to this article which is from a “Progressive News and Commentary” blog.

As I have said in the past, this law isn’t overtly racist. However, no matter how you slice it, its impact is blatantly skewed toward African American communities. In fact, except for Allen Park and Ecorse, over half of the residents in cities with Emergency Financial Managers and consent agreements are African Americans.

This is, plainly put, the result of decades of racial inequality in everything from education and employment to housing and economic investment. So, while the law itself isn’t racist, the causes of the situations in which the law is applied most certainly have been.

Let’s take these charges one at a time.

Racial inequality in education –

No one is FORCED to attend a particular school. You can move or even switch to another school within the district. The Detroit school district has been run, and taught, by black people for ages (I don’t know if there is a suggestion that black teachers are worse than white teachers, because that sounds rather racist.) Add spending into the mix, $13,405 per, and you’re left to wonder if it’s not the teachers, and it’s not the money SPENT – where is the “racial” inequality in education?

Perhaps the educational outcomes in these school are being affected by something other than racism.

-poor parenting
-lowered expectations
-lack of fathers

(feel free to add your own)

Next up? Employment inequality.

What does that even MEAN? Check out the public employee staff in Detroit- it’s pretty much all black. There are black doctors, nurses, lawyers, and cops in Detroit. Exactly which jobs are they unable to get?

Housing inequality.

Last time I checked, blacks could live anywhere they wanted. Are we talking about public housing? Which is a GIFT to low-income people.

A little bit of reading material, here to elucidate a bit of the “housing inequality”:

Louis Blackburn, 66, is a retired line worker and supervisor at Chrysler’s Jefferson North who has watched his block of Mayfield near Denby fall to pieces.

Houses on either side of him, as well as across the street, are burned out or abandoned. People come and go from a few of them and he hears gunshots at night. He has been looking to sell for most of a decade, but he cannot find a buyer.

The city has some of those abandoned houses on its demolition list now that the targeted area has been extended. Blackburn said he hopes they get torn down — maybe he can sell his property then.

“It was beautiful, everything was well-kept,” when he bought the place in the 1970s, he said. “It looks like a war zone now.”

Homes and neighborhoods have been DESTROYED not by racial or housing inequality, but by people burning and destroying and ruining the neighborhoods in a variety of ways. This isn’t racism from without – this is destruction FROM WITHIN.

Finally, the charge of racism of economic investment.

I don’t even know where to start with that.

The law isn’t racist. Detroit is a FAIL economically for a variety of reasons, and the people who suffer the most are the citizens of the city. Who are mostly black folk. Who have to deal with shitty city services, crime, failing schools. And no elected official has been able to solve the problems..

“We believe there’s a financial emergency in the city and that there’s no plan in place to correct the situation,” Michigan Treasurer Andy Dillon said Tuesday in unveiling the report. “We gave the city every chance to avoid the outcome we’re recommending to the governor today.” That includes a financial consent agreement the state, Bing and City Council forged last April to restructure the city’s bureaucracy. Since then, the city burned through $137 million loaned by the state while punting on a long-term solution.

But Rachel Maddow can reduce the entire argument to a racism Tweet. And I’m sure a lot of people buy that.

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4 Comments on “Rachel Madcow is an idiot”

  1. clintbird Says:

    Saying “Rachel Maddow is an idiot.” wins today’s “Internet Understatement Of The Day” award!

  2. Funny how she claims “racism”, and skips over demographics and politics.

  3. Car in Says:

    Demographics and politics would require heavy lifting. Progressives are all about idea unconnected to facts and figures.

  4. The tweet should have been followed by “And immediately thereafter, their lives would be improved from the removal of the Kleptocracy that has been destroying the city since the reign of Coleman Young.”

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