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Must reads. There may be a test later.

Rhetoric can’t disguise emptiness at heart of Obama’s presidency . Of course, it’s working with a lot of Americans.

The US liberal mainstream media like to pretend that ­extremists have taken over the Republican Party, while ignoring the real-life hijacking of the Democratic Party by the political wing of the Tooth Fairy Tendency. Even Bill Clinton acknowledged the need for entitlement reform; now, any such suggestion would be regarded as fascist individualism (yes indeed, but when did any liberal ­notion ever have intellectual coherence?).

House Speaker John Boehner has revealed that the President recently told him: “We don’t have a spending problem.” (He can’t be taking his medication.) Hell, no, just a small-change increase in America’s debt, racked up exclusively on Obama’s watch, of more than $5 trillion. No US president has ever presided over such an increase – not even Dubya over eight years.

Up Next, this by Jeff G-How Republicans Can Win.

Short answer? Tell the truth. About Obama, and what he’s doing to our country.

He’s a radical Marxist who, when he speaks of fundamental transformation, is — as Mark Levin has taken to pointing out — talking about transforming you: the fundamental transformation of Americans through social engineering projects, legislative and bureaucratic “nudges,” and the indoctrination that occurs in schools, through the entertainment industry, academia, and the mainstream press, with the end goal being the dissolution of individual sovereignty and the rise of a dependence culture that needs a permanent “benevolent” ruling class to provide for safety, security, and material want.

Let’s be serious about who this man is, and what he’s done. Let’s review the facts:

If Democrats’ priority was fixing government problems would they have failed to produce a budget for four straight years? If Democrats were pragmatic politicians, when they came to power in the face of a national crisis like the 2008 financial collapse, their first step would have been to seek bipartisan support to fix the most pressing problems: jobs and reviving the economy. This is exactly what Obama promised during the campaign and is one of the reasons why he was elected. But this was just a campaign promise and is not what he did. He spent his first two years in office pushing a massive new entitlement program. If Obama and the Democrats were interested in addressing the immediate economic crisis they would not have used their monopoly of power to pursue a trillion dollar new social program opposed by half the nation and by every Republican in Congress.

The only thing they want to fix is the inequality in society. They have a vision for the future. Of “social justice” and “equality.” And this message SELLS, because people are stupid and uninformed.

It is the very grandeur of the progressive ambition that makes its believers so zealous in pursuing it. Through government programs they are going to make everyone equal and take care of everyone in need. They are going to establish social equality and create social justice. It is an intoxicating view and it explains why and how they are different from conservatives. It doesn’t matter to them that the massive entitlements they have created — Social Security and Medicare — are already bankrupt. That can be taken care of by making more wealthy people pay more of their fair share. In their hearts, progressives believe that if they can secure enough money and accumulate enough power they can create a future where everyone is taken care of and everyone is equal. Everything Democrats do and every campaign they conduct is about mobilizing their political armies to bring about this glorious future, about advancing its agendas one program and one candidate at a time. No Republican in his right mind thinks like this.

Because they think RATIONALLY. Liberals, or progressives, HATE conservatives because we stand in the way of their dreams of achieving this liberal utopia. We stand in the very way of progress.

Progressives’ hatred for conservatives is thus not a reaction to a particular issue, or a particular slip of the tongue. It is a hatred for what conservatives are. Conservatives are people who believe in limited government. By its very nature, limited government means the death of progressive dreams. In progressive eyes, conservatives and Republicans actually are anti-woman, anti-minority, and anti-poor. Republicans oppose the very idea that government should function as a social savior.

Right. Because we know our history, and we can add.

But then you know all this.

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9 Comments on “Today’s Reading Assignments”

  1. Lee Gothro Says:

    Here’s why I have trouble reading political opinions of any sort: “but when did any liberal ­notion ever have intellectual coherence?).” My self-proclaimed “liberal” friends post similar things riddled with snide asides which differ only in target. This is a symptom of fanaticism. Fanatics are seemingly incapable of presenting a viewpoint without sneering and name-calling. I find this practice distasteful. It shows a lack of self-control and prevents me from reading further.

  2. MJ Says:

    The country was founded on liberty not equality.

    The French tried equality. They are on their fifth government since the good ‘ol days of the guillotine, and have been occupied twice.

  3. Vmaximus Says:

    What are your observations on actually talking with conservatives vs liberals?
    I may make snide or even outrageous remarks about how utterly stupid, illogical, and incomprehensible liberal thinking is. Sometimes I do it to point out stupidity other times just to counter their snide remarks.

    However other than the occasional religious fanatic you should find that in spite of turning you off with name calling and snide remarks the right can carry on intelligent and thoughtful conversations with those who disagree.
    The left on the other hand resorts to calling one a Nazi within a few sentences if they find themselves loosing points in a conversation.

  4. Car in Says:

    I hearts V-man.

  5. Car in Says:

    MJ, my husband brings up that exact point ALL THE TIME.

  6. agiledog Says:

    So, Lee, you’re a big fan of the “civility” brigade, I take it?

    You have taken umbrage with someone saying that there are no liberal positions which have any intellectual coherence. Please provide a counter point: tell me of a liberal position which you find has intellectual sense.

    Otherwise, you are complaining about someone speaking the truth, and don’t seem to like it because of the tone.

  7. veeshir Says:

    I absolutely agree with Jeff G.
    Except he’s absolutely wrong.

    The GOP has moved far along the slide toward where the Democratic party is.

    How many ads did the national party and Romney put out saying they’d repeal Obamacare?

    That was a winning stance but they didn’t take it.
    They should have had a commercial about that every 45 seconds on every channel.

    They screech about how the Dems don’t have a budget and sign pledges against earmarks.

    Then they don’t pass a budget, just continuing operating expense things that they then lard with something that’s totally not an earmark. You can tell because earmarks are only in budgets, not in continuing operating resolutions.

    We’ve increased spending by100% in 4 years and the GOP has not even tried to stop it. Boehner promises us $20billion in future cuts (which means the next Congress is going to decrease the amount of the increase), which “cuts” never happen.

    They increase the debt limit and get no concessions back.

    The country re-elected “Give me stuff”, it’s way too much to expect our politicians to show some spine and explain why that’s a bad thing.

  8. Car in Says:

    Well, yes. “Republicans” have done this. We need to get rid of those “Republicans.”

    Jeff has pretty much completely lost faith that the GOP can transform itself. There are about a handful of elected folks with an R beside their name that I support. But there are a few.

  9. Steve B Says:

    Heh heh. Heh. Your sidebar of recent comments says, “Today’s Reading Ass…”


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