We The People…

I was working during the Ascension yesterday, but someone turned it on all the tvs at work, so I did – unfortunately – see glimpses of his speech.


And I did catch one reporter call it a “pilgrimage” for those who came to Washington to see the circus.

I’m trying hard not to listen to any of the analysis of the festivities, because it just pisses me the fuck off.

I could bring up a bunch of picky things regarding yesterday, such as this:

But, I’m better than that. More principled. So, here:

Four years ago, Obama told us everything we needed to know about his vision for America. In the 2009 address, he stated clearly that his intention was to “remake America” – as if America needed remaking to begin with. It was a stunning statement filled with hubris, and very much the Obama we have come to know.

In the intervening four years, we’ve seen wages drop and welfare programs increase by 33%. Despite the President’s promises, Middle America is paying higher taxes, they’re making less and their purchasing power is shrinking. Government borrowing, spending, deficits and debt are at all-time highs. There will be no celebration for the massive block of unemployed and underemployed Americans who have waited for years now for help beyond a benefit check.

Throughout the 2012 election, Republicans reminded voters repeatedly about the 23 million Americans out of work.


Probably because they are stupid.

Obama has a collectivist vision for the United States, and while he’s busy moving that train forward, we can already SEE how it is going to affect us.


Probably because they are stupid.

For the stupid, John O’Sullivan interprets all of Obama’s “We The People” bullshit:

Look, I raised federal spending to almost a quarter of America’s GDP in my first term. That leaves a gap of 3.5 to 5 percent of GDP between that spending and likely revenue. None of that gap is going to be filled by cuts in entitlement programs or social expenditures. None whatsoever. My veto will see to that. I will force Congress to raise spending — not solely by raising taxes on the rich (I’ve already conceded that the middle class will have to pay higher taxes, too), but by skewing taxes much more significantly than they are skewed today in a redistributive direction. And insofar as I can’t get higher taxes, I will increase borrowing. At the end of my eight years in office, the result will be a European welfare state (even if I agree not to call it that so as to save the face of those Republicans who vote with me). And however costly the welfare state proves, it will be unrepealable once it is in place. Like Reagan (but unlike either Clinton), I will have reversed the trajectory of American politics.

How is this going to work financially? Not so good. So what will Obama do? What he always does. Make a speech.

Well, he might say sternly that he, for one, will never join those nattering nabobs of negativism who count America out. Or he could perhaps venture that where others see gathering storms, he sees beyond them to the sun breaking through the clouds onto the mountain tops. Or, if things look really bleak, maybe he will resort to the Dictionary of Quotations.


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