Learn to Swim

Honestly, we’re fracked. I’m in one of those dark moments.

So, this is appropriate.

First there is this:

President Obama is expected to name Jack Lew as his Treasury secretary on Thursday, continuing his cabinet’s second-term makeover in his own image. He is assembling a team of personal and ideological loyalists whose job will be less to offer independent advice than to advance and implement his agenda for a larger, more redistributionist government.

You can read the rest to remind yourself that Lew is basically another Washington lifer. Oh, sure, he had a nice little stint at Citigroup . From Wiki:

Lew’s nomination was followed with criticism[32][33][34][35] after renewed reports that he received over $900,000 in bonuses while working as COO of Citigroup, following the company’s $45 billion in TARP rescue funds, after it saw $27.7 billion in loses, a 90% depletion in value.

Oh, sure, but what has he done lately?

Yes, the same Jack Lew who as Obama’s Office of Management and Budget director and White House chief of staff has overseen Obama’s annual trillion dollar-plus deficits, lousy economy, and persistently high unemployment. Quite a success story.

Our country is in the best of hands.

I blame hipster douche-bags and the female equivilant for many of our troubles.

Hip is a sort of Neanderthal mentality that is terrified of serious thinking, and thus substitutes the superfluous for the profound.

Why do the heavy lifting of actual thought and knowledge acquisition, when you can have John Stewert tell you what to think? Hip thoughts:

Palestinians are hip in a way that Israelis are not; but pro-Palestinian reporters stay in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv without a clue why the two cities are different from Ramallah. Hip is loud support for the Dream Act, but avoidance of places like Mendota or San Joaquin, or any serious contemplation about why millions of Mexican nationals wish to cross their northern but not their southern border. Hip is shopping at Whole Foods, but supporting more food stamps for those who shop at a distant Food 4 Less and weigh more than you do. Hip decries school choice and vouchers, but means Sidwell Friends is under armed guards for your own progenies.

Hip – Solyndra, Starbucks, Whole Foods. Google. Al Gore. George Soros, Warren Buffet. Pot use (Obama). Al-Jazeera.

Not Hip – Halliburton. Wal-Mart. Koch Brothers. Cocaine use (Bush). The Blaze.

Got it?

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