Learn to swim

It’s time to officially fear our government. White House Dossier reviews the monstrosity that was Obama’s speech last night. Smack dab in the middle of Sunday Night Football, ostensibly a speech to help the grieving families, Obama pulled a “Stalin” last night. These words frightened me.

I’ve been reflecting on this the last few days, and if we’re honest with ourselves, the answer’s no. We’re not doing enough. And we will have to change. Since I’ve been president, this is the fourth time we have come together to comfort a grieving community torn apart by mass shootings, fourth time we’ve hugged survivors, the fourth time we’ve consoled the families of victims.

And in between, there have been an endless series of deadly shootings across the country, almost daily reports of victims, many of them children, in small towns and in big cities all across America, victims whose — much of the time their only fault was being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

We can’t tolerate this anymore. These tragedies must end. And to end them, we must change.

If you don’t fear this man, you’re not paying attention.

Never let a crises go to waste.

Speaking on Meet the Press, Sen Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) said she will introduce legislation to ban “assault weapons” and high capacity ammunition clips.

Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), one of Obama’s closest allies om Capitol Hill, indicated he might go further. “We need to sit down and have a quiet and calm conversation on the Second Amendment,” Durbin said.

The weapons used were not assault weapons. It was two handguns and a hunting rifle.

This type of gun control is most likely NOT what Obama and friends want.

In addition to guns, the common denominator in most of these mass shootings has been mental illness. Seung-Hui Cho (Virginia Tech), Jared Lee Loughner (Tucson, Ariz.), James Eagen Holmes (in the Aurora, Colo. theater), and now Adam Lanza all had significant mental health problems. As the country turns its attention to overhauling its health-care delivery system, we must discuss improving access and delivery of mental health care to those who need it. As part of this conversation, we need to update federal firearm laws as they relate to persons with mental illness—laws that currently are primitive and rooted in stereotypes.

This makes sense. But it won’t be the “discussion” we have.

Taking away our guns does NOT reduce crime. Not even gun crimes.

The innocent cannot fight back and criminals KNOW they can do what they want without fear.

I’ve got a great idea – how we can protect our children from crazy gun wielding psychopaths.

We ARM them. We allow teachers to be, basically, “marshals” at school. Concealed carry; no one will know who they are outside of the staff.

Trained first responders.


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2 Comments on “Learn to swim”

  1. Steve B Says:

    I have an idea. Why don’t we start by make killing people illegal? Why don’t we just make shooting people with a gun illegal?

    Oh. Wait.

  2. Car in Says:

    We’ll have to tinker with that idea …

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