FIAF- Mexicola edition

I’m just going to say this right from the start.

Obama offered Republicans a “deal” so ridiculous, that the only explanation is that he wants them to refuse it -and- fiscal cliff here we come. THEN he can blame republicans for the economy under his leadership.

Because, let me be clear, the economy – for the next few years – is going to suck anyway. If Obama gets his way with higher rates, etc? It will still suck, but then who is he going to blame?

Our GOP sources say the President is insisting on about $1 trillion in new tax revenues immediately by raising tax rates, plus another $600 billion in net new revenue as part of tax reform next year. He also wants $150 billion in new public works “stimulus” spending, $50 billion of it next year, and another extension in unemployment benefits (one year cost: $30 billion).

In return, Mr. Obama will only promise some $400 billion in entitlement savings next year, details to come later. Keep in mind this negotiation is supposed to reduce the deficit. We’re told Mr. Geithner also demanded a permanent increase in the debt limit, meaning that no future action would be required to raise it again. There’s more, or shall we say less, but you get the idea. As one senior Republican told us, “This was almost insulting.”

It baffles the mind, what Obama is doing. His agenda, it appears, is nothing more than to win.

The election is over, a new era begins—and it looks just like the old one. A crisis is declared. Confusion, frustration, and a more embittered process follow. This is . . . the Obama Way. Nothing has changed, even after a yearlong campaign that must, at times, have looked to him like a near-death experience. He still doesn’t want to forestall jittery, gloom-laden headlines and make an early deal with the other guy. He wants to beat the other guy.

As I said, to win.

The reality of Obama’s “tax fairness”, and the hypocrisy of the players is neatly illustrated first by Peggy Noonan’s hypothetical of a family earning $250,000 – you know, those millionaires and billionaires, or “the rich”:

But if you are a man with a wife and two kids making that salary and living in Westfield, N.J., in no way do you experience yourself to be rich, because you’re not. You pay federal payroll and income taxes, state income and sales taxes and local property taxes, and after the mortgage, food and commuting costs you don’t have much to spare.

Tighten the squeeze on that couple, and they’ll change how they live. They’ll stop sending the struggling son to a neighborhood tutor, they’ll stop going out to dinner once a week, they’ll cut off the baby sitter, fire the guy who once a month does yard work, and hold back on new clothes. Also the guy will peruse employment ads in Florida and Texas, potentially removing from blue-state New Jersey his heartening, taxpaying presence.

And contrast with the CEO of Costco, who even had a prime time speech at the DNC convention. Who supports the President’s “economy built to last” with it’s tax fairness, and everyone being in “this” together talk. The man who voted with the rest of the Costco board to give them a special dividend this month to avoid the looming tax increase. It saved him $4 million dollars.

To sum up: Here we have people at the very top of the top 1% who preach about tax fairness voting to write themselves a huge dividend check to avoid the Obama tax increase they claim it is a public service to impose on middle-class Americans who work for 30 years and finally make $250,000 for a brief window in time.

If they had any shame, they’d send their entire windfall to the Treasury.

But they have no shame, and on one (looking at the MSM) is going to hold them accountable.

What’s the end game?

Then again, the most frightening aspect of the White House proposal is that it wasn’t an error. Perhaps the proposal was thoroughly calculated. This suggests a president who doesn’t care about the outcome of the cliff negotiations—who thinks that he wins politically no matter what. He’s betting that either the GOP will be far more responsible than he is and do anything to avert a crisis, or that the cliff gives him the tax hikes his partisans are demanding. Win-win, save for the enormous pain to average families across the country.

Meanwhile, Obama is “barnstorming” the country talking to ordinary folks and business people people who voted for him and support his policies about the fiscal cliff and taxes. I’m sure it is very informative affirming for him.

White House Tool Jay Carney:

It’s entirely appropriate for the president to go out and present to American businesses and ordinary Americans his views on this and to ask them to let their voices be heard here in Washington.”

Yea, whatever.

We’re screwed. So just turn up the speakers and forget about it all for a bit.

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4 Comments on “FIAF- Mexicola edition”

  1. One of his minions asked over at the Daily Beast (yeah, I went slumming), “Why is he still campaigning??”

    It was nice to see someone posit, “Well, you voted for his campaign, right?”

  2. But the harm to the economy will be set off by his $4 billion Hawaiian get-a-way, amirite?

  3. Car in Says:

    Campaigning is all he’s good at,Aggie.

  4. MJ Says:

    The only thing I got right during the election is that Obama is very good at campaigning. The only problem now is that there isn’t an election and there’s actual work to be done.

    Oh well, I guess we’re fooked.

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