Must see

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5 Comments on “Must see”

  1. Not for the Medival Wymyn’s Studies Degree.

  2. The mathematician/biologist at the beginning has no goddamn excuse. She could be doing bioinformatics at a half-dozen companies right now.

  3. lauraw Says:

    Jesus. Makes me not feel so bad. At least I paid my way as I went.

    …of course, I’m about to go back, and intend to apply for loan….PBBBBFFT.


  4. MJ Says:

    A guy who grew up down the street from me dropped out of U of I in his first year. I saw him a year later and he basically told me that we were all suckers for staying in school. Especially to study English. He had gotten a job with an engineering firm doing exactly what he would have been doing after college.

    I wonder how it worked out for him.

  5. Car in Says:

    For those who are directed and focused, skipping college can work out fine.

    There was a time when a college degree said something about you. It doesn’t any more. It’s a ticket punch. It (perhaps) gets you through the gate and landed in a pile with throngs of other folks. Who gets the “real” degree and who partied through college? Who knows.

    Many of the successful people we know (through work) lack college degrees. They just work really hard, and follow their own path.

    But I do know successful folks who did it the other way.

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