T-Minus One Day

Leigh, commenter from Protein Wisdom sums it up succinctly:

I have judged him by the content of his character and found him severely wanting.

Now, get the fuck out of our White House, asshat.

This past weekend, Obama has been criss-crossing the country in a desperate, and expensive to us, last ditch effort to keep his presidency. Take a look:

Sat –
Mentor, Oho

New Hampshire,
Cincinnati (he was JUST IN OHIO YESTERDAY)
Auora Col

Madison Wisconsin (again, he was JUST IN WISCONSIN on Sat)
Des Mois (was in Iowa on Sat)

Remember, he takes AF1, and reimburses us for a first class ticket. But moving on, even more unseemly is that he is doing this on the wake of the disaster on the east coast. Where he was going to leave no one behind (puke). Insty linked this blogger who sums it up pretty well.

There is another strange disconnect just before this election. As some New Yorkers dumpster dive and many Jerseyites spend another cold night without basic services, the president has been bouncing across the map like a pinball trying to shore up his election chances. What is more strange is how the press have given him a hall pass for doing so.

Of course, it’s not really “strange”. It’s actually completely expected, because the media is merely doing now what they’ve done since 2007 when Obama was a candidate. Carrying his water, not investigating shit, and basking in the warm glow of the Lightbringer.

But we get the point.

Remember after Katrina? “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.”

Ring a bell?

1,000,000 homes and businesses are without power in New Jersey. Rescuers are still finding new victims as of this morning.

400,000 homes and businesses on Long Island are without power with temperatures in the 30′s and 30,000+ are homeless in New York City. There are few if any television cameras. The election is sucking up all the air time.

The President on the other hand left the White House this morning for stops today in New Hampshire, Florida, Ohio and Colorado. He will not be back in Washington until Tuesday night. How can he have time to deal with the crisis if he is spending all of his time campaigning?

But, in Obama’s America, the election goes on. He visited with Chris Christy, and now he’s got to go back on focus on what’s really important: his re-election.

Meanwhile, the New York Times’s Krugman (no link) patiently explains how much BETTER the response is to Sandy, than Bush’s to Katrina. Apparently, Obama in absentia is doing a bang up job. Sure, people are without power, and their homes are flooded. But they have HOPE.

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2 Comments on “T-Minus One Day”

  1. If by “response” Krugman means “photo-op”, then yes.

    I hope people are learning the price of nanny government now.

  2. Car in Says:

    Some kid kept arguing politics last night.

    His reasons for Obama? Well, the deficit was better under Clinton.

    I don’t know how that relates.

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