Scouring Slate so you don’t have to …

As laid out by Matthew Yglesias:

Obama’s been trying for years to get Republicans to agree to higher taxes on the rich, but if he gets re-elected he doesn’t need to persuade anyone to do anything: Those taxes are going up automatically.

He doesn’t need a grand bargain, because he’s got the Fiscal cliff.

Plus – Obamacare!

The fuss will happen in 2014. Starting in 2014, all uninsured Americans who earn between 133 percent and 400 percent of the federal poverty line will become eligible for subsidies to purchase health insurance on new regulated markets for individual insurance plans. What’s more, Americans who don’t get insurance through their employer or a government program will be required to participate in these markets to ensure the stability of the risk pool. Meanwhile, large employers who don’t offer their employees health insurance will pay a tax penalty. That all adds up to far-reaching changes in business practices and household finances.

Expect hiring to explode.

Ha ha ha … not really.


Those evil Republicans. They’re trying to Swiftboat Obama with Benghazi. Which is just SO WRONG, because everyone knows that Obama is going to find who is responsible and bring them to justice.

The Woods interviews are devastating. No one whose blood runs warm can listen to them without reacting. On Facebook, conservatives have started meme-ifying Woods quotes and Benghazi rumors, altering Obama’s campaign slogan (Forward) to read: “COWARD.” For years, conservative critics of the president have portrayed him as a valor-stealing wimp who’s actually ashamed of his country. Now they believe his government told Tyrone Woods to stand down, denied all requests for backup as Woods defied the order and fought, and then sat back remorselessly as good men died.

But has anybody else—anybody who wasn’t already inclined to distrust Obama—bought into this story? Not really, no. The Romney-Ryan ticket has nixed Libya from stump speeches. On Friday, when a Denver TV interviewer asked Obama about the “stand down” theory, and the president dodged, the Romney campaign commented on Obama’s other answers and ignored “Benghazi-gate.” Today, a new Pew poll on the election finds that Obama’s numbers on foreign policy and leadership have ticked up since mid-October. Whom do voters “trust to make wise decisions about foreign policy”? A four-point Obama lead has become an eight-point lead.

Apparently, the right is all upset over nothing.

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