FIAF- moar coffee needed edition

The American boom: Welfare.

Since 1995, did Americans ever vote to ramp up the federal role in welfare? Not that I remember. Yet a study by the Congressional Research Service dated October 16 shows that currently, an astonishing one trillion dollars per year is being spent on federal welfare programs. How can this be? Well, there are currently at least 83 federal programs that are “explicitly intended for people with low or limited income,” not including veterans’ programs. They fall into the categories of Health, Cash Aid, Food Assistance, Education, Housing & Development, Social Services, Employment & Training, and Energy Assistance. Spending on federal welfare programs has exploded in recent years, increasing by 33% since 2008.

Thanks OBAMA! We spend more on welfare than anything else.

Defense? $540 Billion. Medicare? $489 Billion. Social Security? $725 Billion.


So, what’s Obama doing today? Pretty much the same as he’s done – endlessly – for the last few months: he is focused, like a laserbeam, on creating American jobs saving his job. From White House Dossier:

10:15 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:45 am || Delivers remarks at a campaign event; George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia
4:45 pm || Departs the White House for Camp David


Store in the “What Media Bias” category, the media wants to paint Ann Romney as a rich bitch, while the Obama …

In a piece published Wednesday, Us Weekly ran the headline “Ann Romney Wears $1,690 Oscar de la Renta Dress to Presidential Debate.” Fox News points out the magazine chose this headline despite the fact that First Lady Michelle Obama’s outfit cost double that price.

Obama’s dress cost more than Romney’s at $1,795—and the first lady topped the ensemble off with a jacket that cost $1,495.

Related- Michelle’s going around asking all her rich friends to “Max Out” their donations. Keeping Obama and Michelle in the White House is worth it. Let’s remember her tearful speech at the DNC –


Completely unrelated to anything, I got sick and tired of my email inbox … it had grown to over 1000 emails.

So I just deleted it all this morning.

Hope there was nothing in there I needed.

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