Not Enough. I Need More

About that unemployment number that miraculously looked good a month before Obama attempts to keep his job … weekly unemployment numbers are up.

The Department of Labor just released its latest report of weekly unemployment insurance claims.

Claims jumped to 388k. This was much higher than the 365k economists were looking for.

And, last week’s number was revised up from 339K to 342K. Why were they off?

According to a Department of Labor economists, the bulk of the drop was due to expected claims that weren’t filed by one large unnamed state.



David Harsanyi on Obama’s version of free enterprise, which Obama declared was a great engine of prosperity.

I have no doubt that Obama believes he believes in free enterprise — except in the case of health care policy, the auto industry, the housing market, education, banking, job creation, manufacturing, green energy and so on and so forth.

Basically, the genius of free enterprise must never be applied to anything that’s too important in our lives. When it is, naturally, it must be applied “fairly.”

Basically, we need to regulate free enterprise.

Merriam-Webster defines “free enterprise” as “freedom of private business to organize and operate for profit in a competitive system without interference by government beyond regulation necessary to protect public interest and keep the national economy in balance.” If Obama believes that he’s instituted and supported economic policy that comports with that description, he’s more confused than the average town hall participant.

That wouldn’t take much, to be honest.


This, via Mare … I want to believe:

I remember back in my event planner days when I had to deal with guys strung out on coke; those were scary times, because I never knew what these guys could do but prepared myself for them to get violent and physical at any moment. My friends who counsel drug addicts told me last night and today that, yes, it appeared the President of the United States had been snorting cocaine last night. They even told me to keep looking at his face and general physical appearance His cheeks are so gaunt…his nose looks like it’s collapsing near the bridge…there are dark circles under his eyes and his lips look ashen and discolored. This is not a well man, or a man who can function anymore without massive infusions of cocaine it would seem.

The signs are all there. You will never, ever hear the Ministry of Truth that is our national media talk about this. But in a few years the truth on all this will come out and you will have heard it hear first that Barack Obama was high on cocaine in the second presidential debate of 2012.

Read the whole thing at Hillbuzz.

The whole piece is really good.

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