Ha ha ha

So, due to the marvelous Obama economy, I’ve had to go searching for a job. The easiest job, for me, is restaurant work. It’s what I’ve always done.

I have about twenty years of restaurant experience as a waitress and a bartender, and have worked at some very well respected restaurants. Doesn’t mean I’m right for every job (Hooters, for example) but I am experienced.

So I did an online thing for Outback Steakhouse. Not really a place I’d be dying to work at, but they had positions so I filled out the application. I just got this back:

We have received your application for one (or more) of the Front of House Hourly Positions. At this time, we regret to inform you that you did not meet the minimum requirements for this position.

We thank you for your interest in Bloomin’ Brands Inc. and wish you all the best in your career.

Best regards,
Human Resources
Bloomin’ Brands Inc.

So, next time you think about going to Outback Steakhouse – just remember – a person with 20 years restaurant experience doesn’t meet their minimum requirements.

Uh. Ok.

Yesterday I got hired, on the spot, by a place I’d much rather work, so this ISN’T sour grapes.

If anything, I’m overqualified for most restaurant jobs.

So, it’s no wonder you get such shitty service at some of those chain places.

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8 Comments on “Ha ha ha”

  1. Hotspur Says:

    Maybe the minimum requirements were the size of your rack.

  2. agiledog Says:

    Maybe their standard is that you must have no standards, so obviously you don’t qualify..

  3. Car in Says:

    Hotspur, your comment would have validity if I’d listed my bust size. I did not.

    Agile – I don’t know what their deal was. Apparently they prefer inexperienced folks. Which is why you get such STELLAR service at their restaurants.

  4. Hotspur Says:

    Hotspur, your comment would have validity if I’d listed my bust size. I did not.

    You really don’t know your way around, do you?

  5. Car in Says:

    WHere should I have put it? Under “work experience”? Education?

  6. Hotspur Says:

    Same place you write in code what your race is.

  7. Vmaximus Says:

    At least you get interviews I get laughed at.

  8. Car in Says:


    If only you had boobs, v-man.

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