Are you better off now?

A friend on facebook posts this story- Home Prices Signal Recovery May Be here.

As home values increase, home equity rises, and fewer mortgage borrowers will be underwater, owing more than their homes are worth. That will give them an asset to tap should they run into a tight financial patch.

An improving housing market will also give homeowners more confidence in the investments they’ve made in their homes.

RECOVERY SUMMER!!!! FALL!!!! Nationally, prices are only up 1.2% compared to a year ago.

In Southeast Michigan, home are down 32% since 2007. And in places such as Detroit? Our house in Detroit was valued at $125,000 and now could maybe fetch $30,000. That 1.2% isn’t doesn’t do shit.

But let’s look at the positive. Warren Mayor Jim Fouts:

One advantage of what has happened is that we have affordable housing,” Fouts said.

WOOT! I’ve become a subsidizer of affordable housing!

And then there’s this:

The U.S. manufacturing sector continued to contract in August, while cost pressures jumped, according to data released Tuesday by the Institute for Supply Management. The weak factory sector may push the Federal Reserve to implement more policy accommodation.

Plus, $3.83 a gallon. It’s closer to $4 up by me, and in Detroit it’s $4.10.

And, $16 Trillion.


But we’ve got to keep Obama in office so Michelle can continue to scold us into eating correctly:

“[W]e need to keep educating families about how to structure a life that is healthy in a society where TV is rampant and communities don’t have enough resources in terms of sports and activities,” she said.

Oh to tell us, Queen Michelle, because we’re far to ignorant to order our own lives.

“Steer clear of the cookie, snack and soda aisle until after you’ve collected everything on your list–at that point, your cart should be full, which might make you feel less tempted to buy things you don’t need,” the guide states.

During her time as first lady, Mrs. Obama has made her anti-obesity campaign a top priority. But in the interview with Parade, Mrs. Obama said that in a second term she would add “women’s health issues” to her list.

She’s not MY first lady, because I certainly don’t need to be told how to shop, eat, or exercise.

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