The stories of free healthcare and we need to keep shilling out cash to help the neediest of the needy:

Lori Griffin was kicked off TennCare in 2005 and would be healthier today if she hadn’t been, her doctors tell her. Griffin, 48, has tumors in her colon, pancreas, kidneys, and pituitary gland.

“It wouldn’t have been this far along,” said Griffin, who lives with her husband and two adult children in Morristown, about 50 miles from Knoxville. The Tennessee Justice Center in Nashville, which sued to stop the TennCare cuts, arranged for interviews with Inman and Griffin.

The whole family has serious health problems and are all too sick to work, Griffin said. “We spend more time at the doctor’s than we do at home,” she said.

They are ALL too sick to work. All of them. So you and me and everyone else needs to pay to keep them alive.

[deletes mean-spirited jab]

What’s wrong with the rest of the family?

Her 47-year-old husband, James, has Marfan syndrome, lupus, and cystic fibrosis, and his medical bills are fully covered by Medicare. His Social Security disability insurance brings in $867 a month, which is the family’s only income. Their son has the same ailments as his father along with tumors in his stomach and colon, bipolar disorder, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Their daughter, 21, has stomach tumors and takes anti-psychotic drugs for severe mental health problems.

So, three members of the family have tumors in their stomach.

Does this even pass the smell test?

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5 Comments on “WTF?”

  1. pepelp2 Says:

    Maybe they shouldn’t have bought a house on a toxic waste dump?

  2. Car in Says:

    I’m thinking maybe they shouldn’t have breeded.

  3. beasn Says:

    I’m with you Car in. I worked with a guy whose first infant son died of some syndrome to do with chromosome 13. They found out that dad has the genetic flaw. So they bred again and their next son the syndrome exhibited even worse. He also died. 18 months the size of a 6 month old. The end for him was very painful. The cost was picked up by the taxpayer.

    They want to try again.

  4. beasn Says:

    Wait a minute. I thought people with cystic fibrosis rarely make it past 30.

  5. Car in Says:


    But, yea, I’m smelling BS on that family.

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