Eyerolls, dog whistles.

Stephen Henderson wrote a little article the other day about Romney’s joke in Michigan.

Get control of your guy. This may have been intended as a joke, but it’s not remotely funny because it smacks of a racist and entitled point of view.

The point of jabbing at Obama about his birth certificate (which has been authenticated) is to remind people that he’s “other,” that his dad was a Kenyan and an immigrant. It’s to capitalize on the president’s innate differences, including the fact that he’s African American.

Of course. The joke is racist. Because no one in America has a parent who was an immigrant, or knows one. [makes squinty eyes at my mil and her funny accent]

It also betrays Romney’s utter tone deafness about the nature of American opportunity. He’s a rich guy who was born to rich parents and had every opportunity available to him. Private schools. Elite colleges. He’d have to have been a spectacular dolt to fail.

Private schools. Elite colleges. Humn … who else does this sound like?

It’s beyond coarse for him to be denigrating, even in jest, the background of a guy like Obama, who was born to several distinct disadvantages, including poverty, and worked his way past them to become the leader of the free world. I

Poverty? Where do they get this crap? Obama’s was raised – mostly – by his upper middle class grandparents. They sent him to a private prep school, and then went to elite colleges.

Whatever they think of Obama’s policies, Romney and the GOP, they ought to be championing Obama’s life story. He is a product of American opportunity — the very thing the Republicans are asking people to believe in when they go to the polls in November.

That’s a stretch.

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4 Comments on “Eyerolls, dog whistles.”

  1. Steve B Says:

    Line of the week:
    Private schools. Elite colleges. Humn … who else does this sound like?

    It cracks me up how we keep hearing about the “struggles” Obama faced gaining acceptance at….Harvard Law School.

    Yeah, real downtrodden, that.

  2. Car in Says:

    It’s an insult to our intelligence every time they pull that bs.

  3. Roug Says:

    I’m glad someone has the patience to read Stephen Henderson and get the word out. You are a better person than I am.

  4. PCachu Says:

    Their “logic”, as Mark Steyn described it:
    “I hear a dog whistle! Therefore, YOU must be a dog.”

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