FIAF – Why Obama Needs to Go

The regulatory cliff:

After three years of bureaucratic excess, the Obama administration has been quietly postponing several multibillion-dollar regulations until after the November election. Those delayed rules, together with more than 130 unfinished mandates under the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial law, could significantly increase the regulatory drag on our economy in 2013.

Many of these rules have been delayed until after the election. That’s not a blatantly political move. But then Obama’s going to be able to do whatever he wants after the election, per Spike Lee.

Plus, he ate a dog.

Democrats are scripting their entire convention. It’s sad when even “The Daily Show” is making fun of you. John Stewert calls it craven.

According to Politico

Advisers to President Barack Obama are scripting a Democratic National Convention featuring several Republicans in a prime-time appeal to independents — and planning a blistering portrayal of Mitt Romney as a heartless aristocrat who “would devastate the American middle class,” Democratic sources tell POLITICO.
Each night of the convention will include a star turn for what planners call “real people” — for instance, an auto worker whose job was saved, a student who benefited from college loans and an entrepreneur fueled by federal research-and-development funds.

The most innovative — and harshest — element of the preliminary program is a nightly “social contrast” in which two people describe their personal experience with a hot-button issue — one person lauding the president’s actions, the other taking Romney to task. “Each paired-testimonial should have an ‘unexpected’ participant,” the documents say.

Nothing but a bit of propaganda and media manipulation to influence the electorate.


While trolling at Politico, I see they’ve got another story about army suicides.

Which is funny, because they don’t seem to care that July was the deadliest month of 2012 for U.S. troops in Afghanistan. No one is talking about this:

Yearly breakdown of U.S. deaths In Afghanistan since start of the war:

—2001: 3

—2002: 23

—2003: 30

—2004: 49

—2005: 93

—2006: 88

—2007: 110

—2008: 151

—2009: 305

—2010: 492

—2011: 398

—2012: 219

^Washington Post.

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