Random Hump Day Notes

Blacks are apparently under siege in Tampa, Florida. Because Republicans hate black people.

Those crackers don’t mean the black community any good. And we call them n*ggers all the time. Apparently.


You know whose tax returns we need to see?Harry Reid’s. Funny how he got so rich, being a “public servant” for most of his life.


WHich is worse, a dictator, or a tyrant?. Thus falls the Arab Spring.


Obama finishes up his THIRD day in Iowa today. WHy was he in Iowa for three days? You’ve got me. The First Lady joins him today.


And this from comments in that last link, which is a total and complete shocker :Chelsea Clinton won’t rule out a politcal run for her future.

I believe that engaging in the political process is part of being a good person. And I certainly believe that part of helping to build a better world is ensuring that we have political leaders who are committed to that premise. So if there were to be a point where it was something I felt called to do and I didn’t think there was someone who was sufficiently committed to building a healthier, more just, more equitable, more productive world? Then that would be a question I’d have to ask and answer.”

Oh. goodie.

Humn … does Chris Rock know that Obama has raised – and spent – more money than Romney?

I wish we didn’t have to stoop to this level. I wish they made it like a real fight. I mean, we’re watching the Olympics right now and everything is fair,” the comedian said on “CBS This Morning” on Thursday. “So I wish both guys could only spend the exact same amount of money and let the best man win.”

Perhaps he should consider donating to Romney to even things up?

Rock, who’s an Obama supporter, said he’s curious to see just “how mean” things will get as the race heats up.

“It’s getting really, really, really mean,” he said.

Yea, he’s right about that. Obama’s gotten pretty fricken dirty so far, this election cycle.


I think I’ll wrap this all up by noting that Obama ate a dog and Joe Biden is an idiot.

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2 Comments on “Random Hump Day Notes”

  1. Jay in Ames Says:

    Heh, on the “Obama ate a dog” thing, I mentioned that to my dad last night on the phone, and he didn’t know the story behind it. This is a guy who went to his first GOP caucus in Iowa this year, but is a lifelong Republican.

    Don’t ever think that “everyone knows this”. Go ahead and tell the people you know, especially the ones on your side. It’s not always preaching to the choir.

  2. Car in Says:

    Will do. Amazing.

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