I gotta put SOMETHING up here.

Echos of Milton Friedman.

No, I can’t build a pencil, but the government didn’t either.

And it shouldn’t, unless you want pencils to cost $1 a piece.

All of this is a fresh gloss on an old debate. In 1934, FDR attacked what he called the notion of “the self-supporting man”: “Without the help of thousands of others, any one of us would die, naked and starved. Consider the bread upon our table, the clothes upon our backs, the luxuries that make life pleasant; how many men worked in sunlit fields, in dark mines, in the fierce heat of molten metal, and among the looms and wheels of countless factories, in order to create them for our use and enjoyment.”

The debate goes on over Obama’s comment. But, there is nothing new here in Obama’s words and ideology. It’s ages old. The “Progressive” movement looks backwards to Marx.


The wayback machine visits Obama before he was president. In 1996, the year Clinton signed Welfare reform which Obama voted against, Obama joined the “New Party.” This leftist third party opposed – basically – all welfare reform.

The most important plank in the New Party’s platform was a guaranteed minimum income for all adults, regardless of whether they worked. In 1996, when Obama joined the party and gained its endorsement, candidates had to speak up in favor of the party platform to seal the deal. Obama also knew and had personally discussed the goals of the New Party with the party’s national leader, Joel Rogers, who was preoccupied with the guaranteed minimum income provision.

It is who he is. It’s been under wraps, but when he goes off teleprompter, it reveals itself.

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