This and That on Thursday

We’re in a dependency crisis; 80% of the “Farm Bil” actually funds food stamps costing us $80 billion a year.


In the 1970s, just one in 50 Americans received food benefits. Today that number is one in seven. In other words, 15% of the U.S. population is dependent on food stamps. Half of all food-stamp spending goes toward individuals who have been on the program for eight years or more. There can be no doubt that we are in the midst of a dependency crisis, and conservatives especially shouldn’t settle for locking in Obama-era levels of government dependence.

THIS IS NOT A FARM BILL. Tell that to the next person you see with one of those “No Farms, No Food” stickers on their car.


Glen Hubbard tackles the lie, pushed by the Obama administration (and re-election team), that the President’s efforts to improve the economy are hampered by the Republicans in Congress.

The president’s choices cannot be ascribed to a political tug of war with Republicans in Congress. He and Democratic congressional majorities had two years to tackle any priority they chose. They chose not growth and jobs but regulatory expansion. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act raised taxes, unleashed significant new spending, and raised hiring costs for workers. The Dodd-Frank Act missed the mark on housing and “too-big-to-fail” financial institutions but raised financing costs for households and small and mid-size businesses.

These economic errors and policy choices have consequences—record high long-term unemployment and growing ranks of discouraged workers.

In addition, for the last 18 months, any policy coming out of Obama’s White House has been aimed for the single purpose of re-electing Obama. He’s presented policies that had NO chance of making it through Congress, simply so he could claim they were thwarting his every move.


New day, same old thing for President Three Putt:

10:15 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:05 am || Departs White House
1:15 pm || Arrives Orlando Florida
2:40 pm || Delivers remarks at a campaign event; Rolllins College, Orlando
4:30 pm || Delivers remarks to the Blog’Her Conference
5:20 pm || Departs Orlando
7:15 pm || Arrives Virginia
7:50 pm || Delivers remars at a campaign event; Loudoun County High School, Leesburg, Virginia
9:00 pm || Arrives White House

And don’t say ‘they all do it’. This man has campaigned and fund raised (often on our dime) to a level never previously seen by any sitting president. He should be embarrassed. He shouldn’t get paid for this past year.


Obama’s running on the idea that without him, the nightmare could be worse.

Yet Obama has not yet suffered all that much politically for the hard times, at least not in the manner accorded incumbents Herbert Hoover, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and George H. W. Bush. Instead, Obama argues mostly that the nightmare could have been worse. Or that four years ago George W. Bush left him a mess. Or that a Republican majority in the House of Representatives beginning in 2011 derailed his successful agenda after two years of Democratic majorities. Or that Romney is the sort of rich financial pirate who got us into the mess of 2008.

He did have a commercial that suggested just that – that Romney, and folks like him, are responsible for the economy.

So, with the country rather split on who’s responsible and who can fix everything (although I doubt some want to “fix” anything – preferring the big government, safety net solutions that will lead us down the path to a more socialized society), what is going to make the difference come election day for one of the candidates? Perhaps foreign affairs.

In the next three months, an Iranian detonation of a nuclear weapon, or a preemptive Israeli (or American) strike against Iran, could change the entire complexion of the election. If the threat is defused, Obama reminds us that he really is the guy who got bin Laden. If things blow up, then he proves another bumbling Jimmy Carter who fiddled while the Middle East burned.

Vladimir Putin, Hugo Chávez, or Kim Jong Un might time a new round of adventurism to precede the November election.

If a regional war breaks out over Syria, or Israel intervenes next door, or dangerous weapons fall into the hands of terrorists, Obama will be caricatured as a naïf in matters of the Middle East. If Assad leaves quietly and reformists take over, then Obama appears steady.

I don’t know that the electorate is sophisticated enough to let that affect their voting behavior. Shit, look how easily distracted everyone is over a Chicken sammich.

Personally, I believe that the entire kerfuffle regarding Chik-fil-a was dreamed up by liberals desperate to find an issue to excite their base.

I’m not knocking anyone who went and bought some chicken yesterday, I just want to remind everyone to keep their eye on the ball.

This election is NOT about gay marriage. Do NOT be drawn into that debate. Focus. Laser beam.

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2 Comments on “This and That on Thursday”

  1. John Kidle Says:

    But I like chicken sammiches!

  2. Car in Says:

    We all like Chicken sammiches.

    but this is a distraction.

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