Blabbermouth Schultz is HILARIOUS

Although perhaps not intentionally:

“I think trips like these are important because it shows American voters whether or not the candidate actually has the policy chops, the diplomatic skills, the experience, and the ability to actually be the world leader that the president of the United States is expected to be. And Mitt Romney has proven with this trip that he absolutely is not ready. Not ready for primetime. It’s really been amateur hour, unfortunately,” DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) said on MSNBC tonight.

“And I guess that helps us inform voters as they make that very important decision over who has the ability to be our commander-in-chief. President Obama has been the chief diplomat, the commander-in-chief for almost four years and has really done America proud on the world stage. He has strong foreign policy credentials and accomplishments and the alternative, Mitt Romney, has shown us would really be terribly problematic for the United States,” she said.

Besides bowing to foreign leaders, and giving The Queen of England an iPod with his speeches on it, Obama’s made bigger gaffes.

Marc A Thiessn writes about five, including this one:

The one fig leaf in Obama’s missile defense decision was his promise that he would deploy some form of European anti-missile shield in the future, possibly in Poland. But in March, Obama was once again overheard by reporters, this time telling then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that “On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him [then-Russian Prime Minister Vladi­mir Putin] to give me space.. . . This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.” Medvedev famously replied “I will transmit this to Vladimir.” After being betrayed in Obama’s first term, the Poles were left wondering how he might betray them with the added “flexibility” of a second term.

It’s no wonder the Poles greeted Romney with open arms this week.


Completely unrelated, but Charles Lane wrote an interesting article about SSDI. Go read.

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2 Comments on “Blabbermouth Schultz is HILARIOUS”

  1. John Kidle Says:

    I don’t think most Americans expect the president to be “the world leader” except incidentally as related to being president of the most powerful nation on earth. What we expect is that he leads in the interest of the United States. He should not be too concerned about what foreigners think of the U.S. but should make damned sure they are concerned about what the U.S. thinks of them. Obama can’t do that because he doesn’t believe a robustly independent U.S. is a good thing. Mitt at least shows signs of understanding what office he is running for and what country he seeks to lead.

  2. Car in Says:

    I think that’s pretty spot on, John.

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