Racism is everywhere.

The bodies of the two teens, who disappeared the evening of July 22 after visiting the home of a relative on the east side of Detroit, were found last Friday. Two men found stripping the car owned by one of the boys, were arrested shortly after their disappearance.

And, by “stripping” I mean cleaning with bleach. Because when you jack a car, you really should clean it with bleach so you don’t catch cooties from the previous owner.

Anyway, the racist Detroit PD suspects that these fine, upstanding gentlemen MAY have been involved in the unfortunate mishap which ended the lives of two teenagers.

The attorney for one of the men is unhappy with the $250,000 bond.

Magistrate Renee McDuffee said she believes they are a flight risk, and that they have each been convicted of violent crimes of assault in the past, and set bond at $250,000.

Anderson’s attorney, Marvin Barnett, says if his client were treated normally, he’d be entitled to bond.
2 Men Arraigned On Charges Connected With Car Of Murdered Westland Teens

Attorney Marvin Barnett.

“If this case did not involve or related to in some kind of way, a homicide, and you had a stolen car and somebody wiping it down – bond won’t be $250,000 cash – that is a two and a half million, ten percent bond,” said Barnett.

“Do you honestly think that a murder of people who do not live in the city of Detroit is treated the same as murders of people who are in the city of Detroit,” said Barnett.

See- that’s code-speak up there. The “people who do not live in the city of Detroit.” The boys were white, and as such the high bond for the murder (of white folks) is racist.

Huh. That’s weird. Because these guys who murdered two Detroit (code word) women were arraigned given NO bond.

But let’s not over-react. You see the larceny (for which they were originally arrested) doesn’t mean they killed the teens.

Marvin Barnett, Anderson’s lawyer, urged the judge to issue a bond below $10,000.

“This case is not about a murder. This case is not about the individuals that were killed. If at some point the prosecutor’s office gives evidence sufficient to bring such charges, then those defendants would be arraigned,” said Barnett.

“What I am afraid of here, is because of the loss of life of these individuals that somehow these individuals would be treated differently than in the normal courts.”

Larceny aside, they are obviously fine, upstanding citizens:

Harrison said Green had three previous offenses for bank robbery, possession of a sawed-off shot gun and possession of a felony firearm, which would make him face life in prison. He said Anderson also had two previous offenses of home invasion in the first degree and criminal sexual conduct in the third degree.

Yea. Let’s let them go.

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