FIAF – “It Worked” Edition

Via Darleen at Protein Widsom:

GDP at 1.5% for second quarter of 2012 … exactly what is working?

As Darleen notes … it’s a “gasping economy slumping to the floor.”

Heh. The vast whiteness of Elizabeth Warren’s campaign staff.


Regarding the Romney “misstep” yesterday, I’ll let Slublog speak for me.

I have no particular affection for Mitt Romney but I will vote for him in November. However, watching a crowd of Britons jeering an American citizen at the prompting of London’s mayor really pissed me off. Watching our media collectively wet themselves in support of those Britons moves my mood from pissed off to blood boiling/higher blood pressure. The special relationship should go both ways. In reality, I guess it doesn’t.

And, it pains me, but I disagree with Keith Koffler.


2 boys still missing in Detroit. Heartbreaking.
But then …

Virgie Kudla, who said she believes the boys were carjacked, said the teens picked up marijuana from a relative and were headed home when they were last seen on Detroit’s east side. She said her son has his medical marijuana card and sees a pain management doctor after undergoing five surgeries for leg damage from a trampoline accident when he was 6 years old. She said rumors that the teens had stopped at an illegal drug house were untrue, and he had legal prescription painkillers available at home.

ugh. Parents – do NOT send your teens into Detroit to buy pot, even if it is for a “medical condition.”

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