James Carille and Stanley Greenberg on the middle class in the WSJ. It’s pretty much what you’d expect … the middle class is hurting, no jobs, low wages, high cost of college, the 1% …

The working-class family is collapsing and only the college-educated are seeing real gains in life expectancy.

“Life expectancy”? WTF? They’re working hard to make this classist argument. But, many, if not MOST middle class kids go to college. And they’re graduating in Obama’s economy …to nothing. They’re moving back into their parent’s (middleclass) house. THIS was the democrat dream. Sending everyone off to college. Taking out LOANS. Getting next to worthless degrees at the local community college. It’s a make-work project for college professors and administrators.

Some conservatives seem breathlessly excited by new academic analyses suggesting the middle class is alive and well, even flourishing. They admire their own calculations that put middle-class income gains at a princely 37% over three decades—failing to note that incomes grew at six times that rate in the prior decades and that most of the gains came in the Clinton era, when taxes were raised on the wealthiest and government tax credits expanded for the working poor.

I think Mr Carville and Mr Greenberg are smoking crack here. What breathless conservatives are they talking about here? If they are making some sort of argument OUTSIDE of the Obama-depression, about the rich getting richer, and the middle class stagnating … well, I’m just confused. Sorta irrelevant at this point.

Moving on. The solution:

The actual solution to our economic situation is straightforward: increased government spending, well in excess of what the 2009 Recovery Act contemplated and what a tea party-dominated Congress would now allow.


It’s so simple. Hire more teachers and firefighters, and work on the roads and the economy will come ROARING back.


Obama’s got a busy day:

9:40 am || Departs White House
10:40 am || Arrives Norfolk, Va.
12:55 pm || Delivers remarks at a campaign event; Green Run High School, Virginia Beach
2:40 pm || Departs Norfolk
3:05 pm || Arrives Hampton, Virginia
4:25 pm || Delivers remarks at a campaign event; Phoebus High School, Hampton, Va.
5:30 pm || Departs Hampton
6:20 pm || Arrives Roanoke, Va.
7:25 pm || Delivers remarks at a campaign event; Roanoke Fire Station #1
8:50 pm || Departs Roanoke
9:55 pm || Arrives White House

It’s funny, because here’s the rest of his week:

10:45 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:15 am || Meets with senior advisers
2:00 pm || Participates in interviews with local TV anchors from New Orleans; Manchester, New Hampshire; Louisville, Kentucky; Miami; Raleigh, North Carolina; Davenport, Iowa; Milwaukee; and Las Vegas.
4:15 pm || Attends a fundraiser; The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Washington
5:20 pm || Attends a second fundraiser; The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Washington

9:25 am || Departs White House
10:50 am CT || Arrives Cedar Rapids, Iowa
11:20 am CT || Holds a roundtable discussion with a local Iowa family; private residence, Cedar Rapids
12:50 pm CT || Delivers remarks on the Bush tax cuts
3:40 pm CT ||Departs Cedar Rapids
6:55 pm || Arrives White House

Noon || Meets with Treasury Secretary Geithner
2:15 pm || Meets with Democratic leaders

9:45 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing

Make of that what you will.

Here’s a song that I think it kind of catchy:

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